Monday, February 25, 2013

Ring a ling a ling

I've been MIA according to this blog but as many (or all) of you know I've been busy this last month...particularly in the last 5 days.

I got engaged!!!!

Yes, for real! I've played this joke on my mom at least once...but this is no joke.

Collin had some Veuve waiting for us after his proposal :)

 We've been looking at rings for the past few months and I was being very picky on the style of the setting. I knew I wanted a 1920/1930's setting but I wasn't all that picky about the actual diamond. Collin would e-mail me pictures of rings he found asking, "Do you like this one?" "How about this one?" Most of them were beautiful, just not exactly what I wanted. There were a few that I fell in love with and then within a week or so they were sold according to their websites. And I would get sad for a minute and start looking all over again.

Collin sent me a picture of this ring one day and I responded by saying: OH MY GOD I'm in love with it, I couldn't dream up a more beautiful ring for myself.

I kept the website window open and would peek at it every once in a while throughout the day. The next day I accidentally closed all of my internet windows and when I opened the site back up again it said, "This ring is no longer available."

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was seriously sad this time and called Collin to tell him. He said, 'Oh you'll find another one that you love just as much." And I assured him I wouldn't and decided to stop looking at rings.

Fast forward to Wednesday February 20th. Collin worked all day and I had off and stayed home with Morgie and Suk. A new Mexican restaurant opened that week down the street from us and we planned to try it out. It started snowing that afternoon and the ground was covered and the snow was still coming down as we walked to dinner.

After a deeeelicious dinner and dessert we headed back home in the snow. When we got to our door Collin put my box of leftovers on the porch post. I thought he was trying to find his keys until I remembered that I had them in my pocket. I pulled them out, went to unlock the door, and turned my head to tell him not to forget my food! (soo typical first!)

Collin was down on one knee and before he could say anything I blurted out, "Are you serious!?!?! Is this for real?!?! Are you serious!??!?"

He said, "Well, yes or no?"
me: "You didn't ask me anything yet."
"Oh...?.... Emily, will you marry me?"
"yes! of course!"

In typical fashion, I ruined any romantic thing he was planning to say. But this IS the exact ring I fell in love with at first sight. Collin bought it right out from under my nose! And ironically, it is from a vintage/antique jeweler in Wynnewood Pennsylvania with a stand at Stout's too!

Initially, Collin told me that he would plan some kind of trip to propose to me. When he actually got the ring he knew that anything that he did out of the ordinary would make me suspicious so he proposed on an ordinary night, in an ordinary setting but it was perfect and I'm so happy!!

Let the planning begin!! Definitely looking at a 2014 wedding. We don't like to rush anything as you know! Haha!

I'll have to go backwards with my next post because we went to Telluride between now and my last post and I've just been too lazy to write it up!

But this was more important today! :)