Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fish Baby

I don't think I've ever shared this gem with you all. If you know Collin, you know he's a big fly fisherman. He is also a (self-proclaimed) pro at fish pictures. Apparently, you have to hold the fish at just the right angle to make it look as big as possible. mmmmmk, whatever.

While we were home earlier this summer, we got to visit with and meet the new babies in the family! Collin was holding baby Connor and I asked him to hold the little guy so that I could take a picture....without hesitation he took this stance.

Mr Connor the fishy. It looks like he is thinking "what the hell?!" We were all laughing so hard that tears were falling. It was a good belly-bustin'-laugh and I still laugh every time I see this picture.

Monday, September 24, 2012


A couple weeks ago, my nursing manager sent an e-mail to everyone on night shift asking if anyone was interested in switching to days. I unfortunately didn't see the e-mail until a few days later but still responded enthusiastically. I received a reply saying that I will 'start days at the end of October', nothing more nothing less. Another nurse that I know at the hospital was on nights for a year and asked for a good 6months before being switched so after asking once and getting it, I'm not going to complain!

End of October has now changed to end of September...again, I'll take it! After 8 months of night shift I'll finally be a normal person, THANKKKKK goodness! I have a feeling I'm going to be much happier.

Night shift really drains me, to the point that even on my days off I have a hard time finding the energy to get out of bed or off the couch. I really hate it. I also hate that my four days off are actually more like 2.5 days max. I sleep half of the day before my first night and waste a good day or more after my three day stretch trying (usually unsuccessfully) to catch up on sleep and regain some energy and normalcy.

Now I don't have to be a zombie! And when I have 4 days off, I actually have 4 days off!

One more week of nights and then I'm on days, can't wait!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

This past weekend was the long awaited Telluride Blues & Brews Festival in Southwest Colorado. I was soooooooooooooo very excited to go to Telluride. All I've heard are amazing things about this little mountain town and I couldn't wait to see it for myself!

This seems like a re-occuring thing but once again on Thursday after a night of work, Collin picked me up right from work and we took off for Telluride. (Of course, I'd packed ahead of time and was generally ready to go.)

It was a good 6 hour drive but beautiful for sure. I did miss parts of it while I slept for 3-4 hours, haha! But Collin was good enough to wake me up for the best parts. Liiiiiike, Monarch pass and the gorgeous  yellow aspens.

And this pretty reservoir that I can't remember the name of....

Telluride basically has one way in. You weave back and forth through all of these mountains and then BAM! It's upon you in all it's glory.
The town is set right in the middle of the mountains and while looking down main street you can see a huge waterfall coming down the center mountain. It's like a dream.

REAL LIFE people! I couldn't believe it myself!

The venue for the festival was equally amazing.
We met up with our friends Frank and Kristen, dropped our stuff at our camp site, and hopped on the gondola to go to the top of the mountain for a free concert. The band, March Fourth Marching Band, was amazing. Collin liked them first...but by the end of the weekend he was definitely sick of them. Whatever Collin!

Here's a taste. If you feel the same way Collin does, by all means, stop the dang video!


The festival music didn't start until Friday so that night we just hung out, walked around town, Collin and Frank got into some political arguments, and then we drank beer! It was splendid.

Friday morning we cooked up some yummy bacon|egg|cheese bagel sandwiches with hash browns... yes at the campsite, we're good. We changed and music started at noon. The next few days were jam packed with great music...well, except for the B-52' apologies but it's tiiiiiime to retire folks! 

Fun fun fun!! Now back to reality for a while!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parents in Denver!

Exactly ONE year after driving me, Suki, and allllllll of our stuff out to Colorado, my parents finally came back for a visit. We had so much fun! I wish they could visit more often!....or move here too......

They flew in Wednesday morning and I drove straight from work to pick them up at the airport. When we got back to my house I was obviously needing some sleep so they took my car and went to visit one of my dad's friends. I slept for a few hours, woke up and showered, and then when they got back we got ready and waited for Collin to get home from work so we could go to dinner. We went to eat at Stella Trattoria, a cute little Italian restaurant on Highlands main street, about two whole blocks from our hours. It was a beautiful night so we sat outside under the umbrellas and ate yummy italian food.

We were all pretty exhausted after dinner so we crashed early.

Thursday, Collin had to work until 4pm so my parents decided to help me finish unpacking and figure out storage solutions for our little place. We went all over the place and found some great shelving. I have an entire bookcase for my shoes...aweeeeeesome!!! My dad also hung alllll of the shelves, pictures and paintings that we've been too busy to get up, it was great! When Collin was finished with work, we made a steak dinner and relaxed on the deck drinking wine and whiskey. He was super impressed with all of our hard work! 

Laundry room shelving...oooohh ahhhh

and more laundry room shelves...woooo!

New guest room bedding...Obsessed!
Alien kitty!!!!!

My new shoe shelves!!

Friday morning we went to the local coffee shop for breakfast. I had the most amazing chai with coconut new favorite!

Later that day, we took a tour of Stranahan's Whiskey Distillery. Collin and my dad are both whiskey drinkers but my mom and I really did enjoy it too. Very interesting. Every single ingredient they use is from Colorado, from the water to the grains. They also hand bottle every single batch. Pretty cool!

Our high-energy tour guide

After the tour we ate an early dinner and had some drinks. My mom and I had Moscow Mules...a delicious drink I learned about when my aunts and uncles were out earlier in the, ginger beer, and lime all in a sweet copper mug...amazing!

That night we just relaxed on our back deck and drank some wine.

Typical Roslyn-face

Little Suk was pretty tired...

The next day we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was my first time there too.

Scoping some elk

After RMNP, we drove through Boulder on our way home and stopped at Darkhorse...once again. I think we stop there every time we're in Boulder.

We watched some football, ate burgers and wings, and then were ready to get home. That night little Rossy slept (surprise) and Collin, my dad, and I went out with two of Collin's friends for a few drinks.

Sunday, Collin insisted on a little football watching. After that got old for my mom and I we decided to run some errands and return some things that we didn't end up using during our storage and accessorizing spree. Of course we came home with more stuff and got to putting it together. While we were gone, Collin went to the seafood market down the street and got shrimp, scallops, and oysters for dinner.

Everything was yummy!

The next day Collin had to go back to work and my parents were flying out that evening. Unfortunately, I also had to work that night which meant I had to sleep at least a few hours during the day. We hung out that morning, ran a few errands, and then I tried to take a little nap before I had to run them to the airport. It actually worked out well. My parents went to the local deli for lunch while I slept and then when they got back I drove them to the airport.

It was so nice to have them here! I don't realize how much I really miss them! Hopefully more trips are in the plans!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I'm going to preface this post and the next 3-4 by saying that we've been busy literally everyday for almost 4 weeks. Sooo, I was too busy to blog but now I'm REALLY going to catch up...

Go back a few weekends...Denver Phish show...go!

Now, I wouldn't say we're Phish Phans....not even by a long shot. But some of our friends were coming to Denver just for the show and since they are soon moving to Georgia, it was basically like a going away party as well. We decided we had to go.

[Phish, by the way, for those of you who don't know, is a psychedelic rock band who formed in the 80's in Burlington, Vermont. Very popular, though not necessarily a mainstream band.]

On our way up we stopped to pick up some beer. Wookie sightings galore! Wookie = someone usually with long dreads, organic clothing, usually no shoes, and almost always super get the picture...but incase you don't, here are a few examples...

Wookie with his knee-length dreads tied into a turban

Wookie in line for the porta-potty...a very unusual sighting
Pre-show...haha, ooh Collin

Sungazing before the show, ha!

What a blast! We had soo much fun!!

It ended up being a group of our friends plus a bunch of people that Collin went to CU Boulder with. We got a cab to the show from our hotel and jammed all night. I was definitely into it and to my surprise Collin was too. It was an awesome show and so nice to see our friends before their big move.


Yes, i have glow sticks in my hair...

super nose-bleed seats but we didn't care! so much fun!