Thursday, April 11, 2013


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! We can't stay put. We're moving again.

Where to you wonder?


Not around Colorado...

Or any other state for that matter....

Yes...your dreams are coming true! (ok...just kidding)

We're coming, coming back, back to good ol' Pennsylvania. Yes, you heard that right. PA!

We don't really have many details nailed down yet. But we are coming back at the beginning of May. My parents are kind enough to fly out here, help us pack, (throwing a wedding dress try-on in the mix too) and drive back with us.

Reasons you ask?

Mainly: Denver is saturated with tooth docs and Collin has had a hard time finding a good job as an associate. He eventually wants to open his own practice or buy into a practice and we've decided that we would rather be near our families to do so.

I've been applying to jobs as well and I'm happy to say I've already had a couple interviews with the Emergency Room and the Intensive Care Unit! Really excited about that and we will see where I end up!

I'll keep you posted!

Sadly, this blog MIGHT die with the move.......????

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