Friday, February 17, 2012


Haaaaaaaaaa-llelujah! Yes. Yes. oh, yes. Folks, I finally got rid of my first edition circa 1864 skis and upgraded to the 21st century! Gooooo me!

As my cousin once told me when I asked if it was OK to leave our skis 'here', "You'd have to pay someone to take those skis." Well, look who's coming up in the world Tomtom!

Out with the old. I had the far right style...... (That's Collin on the left)
May or may not have been an impulse buy of sorts. I've been researching my perfect ski for almost two years now but to actually take the plunge was another story. Oh yeah and I haven't had a real income before now either. AND they were on sale.

I had a meeting at work yesterday and afterwards Collin called me to meet him at REI. I swung by on my way home and Collin had already picked out a few skis that he thought were worth a look. I'm a real sucker for reviews and the ski shop guy gave me a raaaave review on two of the Volkls.
The Aura and the Kenja.



I was originally leaning towards the Aura's but after much thought (like 20 mins) I decided that they might be a liiiiiiittle too much underfoot from what I was coming from and ended up going with the Kenja's. Online reviews say they are an amazing true all-mountain ski and one of the best women's skis for a one-ski quiver. Ok, sold! So excited! :)

I'm going to get my boots and bindings fit today and then hopefully trying them out on Sunday!!

On a funny note:
Collin and I decided to stop for sushi while we were shopping around at REI. We had obviously driven separately, so after dinner I got a little head start since I was parked closest to the restaurant. It was dark outside and as I was driving I came to a red light. A few seconds later a big grey pick up pulled up next to me. I looked over, saw "Collin" and blew him a kiss, he smiled and looked away. Only then did I realize that the truck was a friggin' Toyota Tundra, not a Nissan Titan...and therefore NOT Collin either. My eyes bugged out of my head as we then proceeded to sit at the longest red light in Colorado.
When it turned green I screamed out loud in embarrassment and then laughed uncontrollably until I got home. Wow.

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