Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nothing New Ya'll

Work has suuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkedddd so bad lately. [is that enough emphasis?!] Crazy patients and a lot of them + my hour commute are wearing on me! I have over a week off after Christmas and I cannot wait... I am counting down the days! Collin's dad is coming out to spend some time with us and then we're heading to Steamboat Springs for some relaxation, to celebrate the new year, and of course skiing and snowmobiling! I haven't even had a chance to ride my new sled yet...sad, sad, sad. Steamboat is getting some great snow now so it will be super!

I will have something new and exciting to report in about two weeks! The suspense may literally cause my mom to have a panic attack because I haven't mentioned anything at all. Hehehe muahhahahahaha!!  Unlike my mother, I am grrrrreat at keeping secrets.

NO, I'm not engaged people. Give us another 5 years and it will happen.

Not too exciting, but I have been working very hard on lots of homemade gifts and shopping for others but I can't post all of that because I'd ruin the surprises! I wasn't too happy with my family gift exchange gift but with no time to re-do, I just had to send it.

My little brother also graduated from college!!! And is applying for grad school too!! Smarty pants! So proud of him! Congratulations G! We've gotten a lot closer since growing up and since I moved to Colorado. I try to give him a call at least once a week on my drive home from work and we talk for my entire commute so it goes by so much faster. Hoping to plan a trip so he can visit me out here!

I wish we could be home for Christmas! I shall be working that day and the next two, but hoping to Skype with my fam on Christmas Eve so we can open gifts "together"!

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