Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas

If this doesn't get you in the holiday spirit I don't know what will...

Yep, that's Collin on his way to an "ugly Christmas sweater" party last week. I took it while I was sick in bed after leaving work early. 24hr GI bug is no fun!!

The other day while we were eating dinner I told Collin I remember thinking when I was in high school that I would never ever have a job where I had to work holidays. Ha. Haha. Oh, hahahahaha! Funny stuff right there. My Christmas day plans? Woooooorkinggggg! Oh well. Thanksgiving at the hospital wasn't too bad (unlike the next two days after that...all hell broke loose!) so I hope Christmas is the same, hopefully better. I also work the two days after Christmas but then it's vacay time! Off to Steamboat Springs! Can't wait!!

On Christmas Eve, Collin and I had our own little Christmas celebration together. We opened our gifts from each other (the biggest part of my gift comes next week!) and drank mimosas all day! Fun but definitely didn't feel like Christmas at all.

My family had their big Christmas get-together on Sunday. This year the theme for the exchange was "homemade" gifts. I decided to make and send a pillow and my Aunt Regina got it! I heard there were loads of awesome hand-mades and mine ended up being my cousins handmade pottery...score!

Earlier today, we also went to the local fish market and bought lobster tails for dinner. YUM! We also got everything for Christmas dinner...Collin's plan for tomorrow when his dad and Ruth arrive!

They were great! But way bigger than I thought. I'll have to have lobster for lunch tomorrow...the other nurses are going to be preeeeetty jealous!

Suki had duck for Christmas...and a tiny nibble of lobster too. Little spoiled kitty. She looks quite pleased though...

And just for fun, here's a text from my biggest fan:

Haha! I got a huuuuuge kick out of that!! Hahaha! I love my family!!

Missing everyone so much!! I'm just trying to get through these next three days then it's off to the mountains. I need a break so bad!


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