Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matisyahu Concert

This past Saturday, Collin and I went up to Denver once again. This time we went to a concert with his sister and brother-in-law. I was super excited, Collin--not so much. Allison bought tickets to see Matisyahu so we planned to go to dinner first and then head to the concert which was at a pretty small venue called Ogden Theater.

We were all in the mood for a good burger so Allison suggested we go to 'My Brother's Bar'. We were not disappointed in the least! They serve the burgers, bison or beef, single or double, with a huge box of condiments to share. My bison burger was amazing!!

After gorging ourselves with meat and french fries we still had plenty of time to kill before the concert started at 9...which was only the opening band. One of Allison's favorite bars was very close to the concert venue so that is what we decided on. It is called 'Sancho's Broken Arrow' and it is basically a dive-y Grateful Dead bar. Perfect.

I was already loving it and then I saw it...the air hockey table...amidst all of the pool and foozeball tables. Done deal. I love air hockey! Collin challenged me to a game and I accepted.

Painting/graffiti is all over the place along with Grateful Dead posters of all sorts.

Of course I beat him. Then Allison wanted to play, so Collin played a game with her and then I did as well. I won. Then I beat Acey as well. I was just on a roll! After we were all finished with the air hockey table, we were standing next to it at a table having some more drinks. Two guys came over to play and I kept watching. Somehow we all started chatting and it came up that I was the 'reigning champ of the table'. So of course, one of the guys proceeded to challenge ME to a game to really see what I was all about! Well, he gave me a gentleman's bow after I beat him! His friend, who was this huge meaty man, was laughing hysterically and kept repeating that he was going to post on Facebook that his friend just got his butt beat by a girl. I quite enjoyed it! haha! Everyone had a good laugh about it! The guy that I played was a good sport and offered to buy all of us a round of drinks. Unfortunately, the show had already started so we thanked him but had to get going!

We headed right into the Ogden a song or two before the opening band was finished and it was packed. After we got some drinks, Acey scouted out a perfect spot for us to watch the show.
I would describe Matisyahu as a Jewish rap/reggae/rock musician. Sounds kinda strange but I really love his music.
While he usually looks like this:
His given name is actually Matthew and he was born in West Chester PA!
When he came out on stage, I'm pretty sure everyone was a little shocked. He shaved pretty much everything off. No beard, 'stache, side curls...nothing. Not sure what that is all about but he sounded just as good!

Collin and I at the show! He ended up really enjoying it. We all had a blast!

A few clips from the show:

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