Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tree-less & a Parcel

We've made many plans to get a tree this month but they've all fallen through for some reason or another. I'm home everyday, all day for the most part but what fun is picking out a tree by yourself?! No fun, that's what. Plus, I can just picture it now...trying to get the tree on top of my car and then my whole day turning into a damn AllState commercial...

So, for now I'll wait until we can go together!

As I mentioned previously, my parents sent me another package. I'd like to start calling packages 'parcels' by the way. Sounds so much cooler. Anywho...
In that parcel (hehe) they sent Collin and I a bunch of wrapped presents from "Santa" that we are to open  closer to Christmas day...or next week, whatever works! My mom also sent me four birds nests! I was soo happy to get them. LOVE me some birds nests for whatever reason. One of the nests was in this amazing brass 'thing'. I don't know what to call it. It's not a jar, or a pot, or any other word I can think of, but it IS awesome and from Turkey and sent along by my nana.

I already had this one. Original fave because it's lined with horse hair, aw

That cool thing from Turkey that I was talking about.

Prob my new favorite nest...maybe just because of the feather...

This is my mom's favorite because it's lined with fishing line for Collin! She somehow missed the well preserved cricket in the middle. I'm keeping it for some "character"

And Suki likes the cricket too

Muddy middle from Western PA!

My other fave

While taking pictures of the bird nests I caught Suki in the act! I set up some of the X-mas cards we've received and I keep finding the one from my grandma fallen over. Now I know why. Suki punches it on a daily basis. She's in mid-post-punch right here. What a jerk.

My mom also sent some old pictures that I used to have in my room when I was a wee one.
I believe this is my 13th birthday party at the old Reading Rock climbing gym! A few people who read my blog are in here...won't mention names... :)

My dear old Allie. Miss that horse so much. Riding in shorts and jumping a sweet pvc pole/wooden block jump with horrible form. So much for all those lessons.

Allie again with a girl who rode her in the pony games and won!

My first Seeing Eye Dog, Lydia. The best.

At a 4H dog show with Lydia. Garrett seems to be trying to steal my 1st place and best-in-show thunder. Get off it leather vest!
Riding camp in Carlisle. Now that is darn cute! (Not Allie but a mini version!) Poor pony, I've got a super grip on her mouth :( 

As I mentioned, we (I'll use the word "we" loosely) went to see "The Lost Boys" play last night. It was actually a re-made version that was set in a retirement home. Honestly, they didn't change the story enough to make it work but I still really enjoyed it. 

If they would have allowed flash photography inside, below would be a picture of what Collin did for AT LEAST half of the show...slept! I guess in his defense, he worked all week and had a couple cups of their "whiskey punch." 
The theatre was veryyy small. Sort of set up like Ephrata Playhouse but probably even smaller so every seat was a "good" seat. I happened to be sitting right next to a girl who looked about 10 yrs old. She would have been a fine play-neighbor except for the fact that she had Whooping cough. Everyone around her wanted to smack her, I swear. About 15 mins into the show the lady directly in front of her whipped her hand back (without turning around) with a throat lozenge. The girl whispered, "I already have one" and the lady responded in a not-so-whisper, "well have another!!" I thought it was funny. The girl didn't and continued to cough. Later, I told her she might need some water and she again responded, "I'm ok" and I replied, "No, I don't think you are." That was the end of that convo and she kept right on hacking right into the back of the lady's head. So annoying. She did die down by the end of the show but holy moley girlfriend...not a good time to see a play!

I wore my new coat, which (I'm pretty sure) is my favorite piece of clothing I own. It has my name all over it! I'm in LOVE. 
Some glamour shots Collin took of me modeling my coat!! haha

Yellow velvet. Yes please!
Collin didn't like the lighting in the first picture so he moved me...HA!
Longer in the back than the front <3
Ok, enough of that business.

Since I started this post Collin and I have decided to REALLY get a Christmas tree this weekend.
Here's hoping!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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