Friday, December 9, 2011

Visitor in Denver

This past week, Collin's mom flew in for a visit. It was great to see her and I know she was glad to get away for a little while. Collin and I went up to Denver and stayed at Allison's while she was here. We had a lot of fun. The girls took a few shopping trips (although, I didn't reallllllly buy much) and also had a "Girls Getaway" pedicure at the Brown Palace Spa. Very unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures :( Really sad about that because this place is phenomenal. It opened in 1892 and has had many famous guests including the Beatles and every president since Theodore Roosevelt in 1905. 
Here are a few pictures from their website just to give you a taste.

It was set up just like this when we were there but packed with people who were having their daily afternoon tea service.

The pedicure was no ordinary pedicure, oh no. When we got to the spa and checked in we were immediately offered mimosas and taken to the "ladies lounge" to wait for our pedicurists. The pedicure room was only for us. It had three pedi spa chairs, three girls ready to scrub the crap out of our feet, and three types of tea that we'd each chosen beforehand. We also had a triple decker silver and china platter with various tea sandwiches, scones, and desserts; all freshly made right at the hotel (best curried egg salad and pumpkin scone I've ever had!) Oh, and bottomless champagne of course! They also put a mask on our feet which I've never had before. It was awesome! My feet are still soft days it was more than worth it!
That night we went to the Stranahan Whiskey Distillery for dinner. They have a little restaurant within the distillery, called Rackhouse Pub, with great food but sketchy service (our waitress was anyway!) 
The ladies outside of the Rackhouse Pub. And I'm wearing my new hat...I'm obsessed!!!

The next night we had reservations for Allison's favorite restaurant in Denver called Carmine's on Penn. A great family-style italian place. Everything was absolutely amazing, as I remembered from my last visit! We ordered a pasta dish with shrimp, sausage, squid, etc in a spicy tomato sauce, vodka ravioli, a salad, and chicken piccata. Plus wine and some cocktails. Delish!

The gang on each side of the table:

Little Ju was hiding her drawing from us. We begged her to see it and this is what she was working on...

Her drawing of me wearing my new hat! She's my little fan! <3

While Collin's mom was in town she planned to get a puppy! Yes, a puppy to take back on the plane with her. They finally found a little guy that was ready to leave its mom and happened to look very similar to her Cassie dog that she lost last year. He is a doll and super cuddly and playful.

Introducing wiry little Wally! The Malchi...Maltese + Chiwawa

She found a cute little bag that she was able to take as her carry-on with pup inside. She said that he did really well on the way home and hopefully he is settling in with Rascal, the big siamese!

We came home Monday morning, early! 

Collin and I have made our share of homemade pizzas (minus the crust!) in Philly but haven't made any since we've been here. Instead of getting our normal pre-made dough I saw the Pillsbury brand that comes in a tube and decided to give it a try. Definitely a good choice. It was super yummy and made the entire pizza taste better. 
Chicken sausage, arugula, mushroom, and onion pizza. No sauce, just olive oil and garlic. YUM!

Next time I might even give homemade dough a try. I'm sure it's worth the effort!

I also ran out to Michael's Craft Store and Office Max to grab some Christmas wrapping supplies that I've had in mind for a while. Rustic and vintage...just what I like. I used kraft paper, bakers string, cinnamon sticks, and coffee-stained hangtags (some with hand stamped wax seals of the letter E!)
So, here is my new go-to wrapping look. I love it!

Hope you like them too! 

Collin and I are going to see 'The Lost Boys' tonight at the local theater. I am SOO excited. I love live shows so much! I mentioned to Collin a few weeks ago that I'd like to see a show sometime soon and I came home to tickets on the refrigerator that night. Keeper!!

On another note: I got another package from my parents. This one was filled with wrapped presents from "santa", four birds nests, and the coolest brass piece from Turkey (from my Nana)!! I LOVE birds nests just like my mom so she sent me some that she and my aunt found abandoned this winter. That will all be in a future post!

Have a wonderful weekend!! I can't believe it's almost mid-December!

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