Monday, November 5, 2012

Door Knobs & Curtains

While my parents were out here visiting, we went to a flea market (which ended up being a flop overall) and I bought two old door knobs for $5. It was actually one door knob...ya know one for each side of the door. I've had this idea to use door knobs as curtain tie backs but wasn't able to find any. I was really looking for glass knobs but these metal ones were the first that I came across so I got 'em.

They needed a little more work than I expected but master-maker-Mark had an idea on how to fix them up for my purpose... of course, we didn't have a welder or really any of the tools that he needed so he took them home to his workshop and tinkered away.

A week or so later he called to tell me that they were finished and that "they still turn like they would on the door." Weeee! So my dad shipped them out along with matching screws that he got for me and Collin and I screwed them to the window frame.

There ya have it. I think they look so cute!

On to my next project...crocheting my first scarf! I am SO slow but it's comin'!

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