Monday, November 19, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Welllll... It comes down to the fact that I am no longer very good at remembering to take pictures...let alone video.. ha, that's funny...I don't even know where our video camera IS at the moment...oops. I've been a really bad blogger. We've been doing things but I haven't been documenting proof for you. So I'll show what pictures I have and TELL you what we've/I've been doing... mmk.

I'm still in love with sewing but I've re-learned how to crochet and I think I love it equally as much...I assume like having two children whom you love equally? Except I know my parents love me more and my brother would agree...hehe! Ooooonly kidding GarBear.

I haven't sewed anything since my Cowgirl Peplum shirt but I do have plenty of plans in mind. Which leads me to my new book. It's called 'The Liberty Book of Home Sewing' and it is awesome!

It's full of adorable projects all across the board from aprons and robes, to pillows and pin cushions, to book covers and bags. Its pretty awesome and I'm excited.

That was a Joann Fabrics purchase...along with 9 skeins of yarn and three bundles of fabric. I could spend a million dollars in that place but since I can't, I spend hours browsing. Which is usually interrupted by a phone call from Collin asking where I've gone and I tell the truth but usually lie and say "Oh, no I'm definitely not still at Joann's...."

My most recent crochet projects have been an infinity scarf and a few beanie hats. I'm not too impressed with my scarf...still working on those skills...but the hats came out so well! I made one with a crocheted bow on the side and put this pic on facebook and it seemed to be a little hit.

One of my best friends from home just had a baby girl and told me that she absolutely loved my hat and wanted one for her baby. That day I whipped up a mini hat in the same yarn with a bow and then another adult sized hat with a bow and sent them back to PA.

Right now I'm working on a crocheted tote bag to hold my yarn skeins and hooks. After that I'm going to start on a flower scarf like this one...
Lots of other projects to come as well...

The other night, Collin and I went to the Nuggets vs. Heat game at the Pepsi Center. I'm not a big basketball fan but that game was actually fun. We met up with his friend/roommate from college and his younger brother before hand and had a few drinks at the packed sports bar across the street.

We also had our Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Saturday. It was soo yummy. They deep fried a turkey and had all of the fixins to go along with it and we all stuffed ourselves to the brim! I made two of Nana's pumpkin pies and a French Apple Cream Pie which is a basic apple pie with a cream cheese mixture poured over the top and thennn topped with a second crust. All of them were delicious!! Sorry, no pictures! :(

I swear I'm going to work on being a better picture taker! Until then...words will have to do! 

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