Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Suki's a Big Sister!!!

And we are parents!!!

I'm a new momma to a black baby boy! Yay! Sorry, Collin...he's not yours.

Oooooh, I'm soooo excited!! His name is Morgan and he is a Doberman Pincher!

Suki, as you would expect, is very interested while being annoyed at the same time. Go figure.

Here's the little guy on the ride home. He was so scared and shook most of the way. :(

He was shy most of the evening too as you'd expect.

Our first night with him was really not as bad as I was expecting. Morgan only woke up twice and both times he actually had to pee/poop. No accidents in the house yet either! Suki was passing by Morgan while I was sitting with him in the kitchen and he turned to look at her and before I knew it she took a couple swings at his head. The way he reacted I thought maybe she took an eye out but she just scared him. Poor little guy was howling and crying so loud. Bully Suki!

He slept in his crate all night until about 6am when Collin was getting ready for work. He just didn't wanna stay in there anymore so Collin put him in bed with me and he curled right up and went back to sleep.

He was stretched out like a little piggy when I woke up.

He gets cold so fast when we're outside!  Poor guy. Good thing he pees fast too! And he likes to eat the snow.

Taking a break from work to hang with the baby...

Sleepy head. He basically eats, pees/poos, and sleeps. Just like a baby.

First vet appointment tomorrow and first mountain trip is in a few weeks for this little guy.
We love him so much already!!! Suki...not quite yet! But we're working on that!

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