Saturday, March 23, 2013

Golden & Snuggles

We did some St. Paddy's day drinking this past weekend. People watching was the best part of that day. 

Ben & I people watching. Collin went to high school with Ben! PA guy!
Drunk panda is all I have to say. If you come to the bar dressed as a panda, chances are, you're planning to get f*^k#% up...and that he did. Quite entertaining for the rest of the holiday drinkers!! Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard while he got thrown out of the bar (peaking back with one eye open) to take pictures.

The next day we went to Golden to hike with Morg. The trails were still completely covered with snow pack but Morg loved it. We let him off the leash and he would run ahead, stop, and look back until we got closer. 

Some mornings when we don't work we bring Morg into bed with us for a little snuggling. The other morning we were....really tired....ok we were hungover from St. Patricks day drinking...and we brought Morg into bed around 7am. He ended up sleeping with us until about 10. He's not a morning dog...

Suk is slowly starting to give Morgan a little more of a chance. She realizes that he has not hurt her yet and although he's chased her a few times, she kinda likes it and knows we protect her in the end. Morgan is also realizing his boundaries with the kittay. He has been slapped with sharp claws enough to know that he can't come on as strong as he would like. 

I had something else typed here but it didn't save properly and I can't remember for the life of me what it was...

Oh well...snow day here today. We're going to make meatballs from scratch, yum!

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