Saturday, March 16, 2013

Telluride Weekend

I wonder how many people have given up on this blog?......I would!!

Hi Uncle Rick!! :)

But here I go....weeks and weeks old...I shall post our Telluride trip.

Quite a few weekends ago (pre-ring a ling a ling) we headed dooooooown south to beautiful Telluride Colorado. Collin found a community health dentist job available, applied, and got an interview...perfect excuse to journey to Telluride, one of my favorite CO towns.

Being a six hour drive and since we left after I'd worked for 12 hours + commute time, we decided to drive a few hours and then get a hotel and snooze. We did just that and Morgan (who was along for the adventure) was happy for a break from the truck.

Wow this post really is overdue!! Look how wittle he is!

No, he didn't/doesn't sleep in bed with us. He has a cute red canvas travel crate that he loves. The next morning we got on our way pretty early and finished the drive into Telluride.

We checked into our hotel (which ended up being a big thumbs down) and Collin went to his interview. Morgan was going crazy so we went on a long walk while we waited for Collin to return. We brought our ski stuff but ended up deciding against it...we really find it hard to pay over $100 each!! Walking around Telluride was fun enough and Morgan got some exercise too.

We also decided on a new hotel for that night! Thankfully!! We stayed at the Mountain Lodge...hallelujah!

After settling in (aka getting Morgan fed, peed/pooped, and relaxed in his crate) we took the gondola to get a drink in Mountain Village.

We went to an awesome place called Tomboy Tavern. One look at their bloody mary and I was sold x100!

Yes...that IS shrimp, olives, lemon, celery, peperoncinis, and BACON. No brainer really.

We ate dinner at the Mountain Lodge restaurant. They had average live music but the food was pretty yummy. Only picture I took...

Morgie on the way home...

Great trip. Love Telluride. But not moving there.

Now off to a hike with Morg and Collin and then turning green and Irish!

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