Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cheesman Canyon

Yesterday we went to Cheesman Canyon, near Deckers, CO, and hiked and fished the river with Allison, Acey, Julia, Christian, and Colleen! We were already a little sore from the incline hike the day before but I was just happy to get out on my weekend off. It was about an hour drive from the Springs and Denver so we met at a little general store and drove the few miles to the trailhead together. Collin geared up for fly fishing and we headed into the woods.

Collin's "skinny hipster" waders 
Preforming pre-fishing rituals I think...

Good thing he doesn't read this blog......


The view...

The fishermen...
 And the included. Beer, pretzels, and jerky included as well...duh, that's how we hike!
Umm, PS. Uncle John if you're reading this (or one of his cute little family members) please send jerky!! We're in withdrawal and eating Jack Link's just makes the symptoms worse!

Section one of the peanut gallery

And the rest of us...

The honeymooners :)

I managed a video this time, go me!

Time for bed...I had a surprise 2-hour staff meeting after work, weeee! And now I'm delirious and talking to myself while Suki talks back to me. Sleeping mask, on. Lights, out. Buh bye!

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