Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conquering the Incline & Birthday BBQ

Yesterday Collin and I finally conquered the Manitou Incline! Manitou Springs is a little town about 20 mins or so from us and there is this incline hike that we've been hearing about and wanting to try. We finally did it! Wow was it intense!!! It is only about a mile one way but it is literally almost straight up!

Ugh yeah, check it
We didn't carry anything (even water bottles) and realized that was a bad move...or I did anyway, as I reached the halfway mark and thought I may pass out and tumble down backwards.

Start of the hike + Collin and his grampa socks

Collin already coaxing me along while I snap pictures

And there he goes...

Start of the actual "incline"

I was kind of breathing heavily by this point. And this wasn't even a 1/4 of the way into it. I feel like it is impossible for me to get in shape in Colorado no matter how active I am!!
But I kept going!

That's the view I had of Collin's backside the whole way up

Looking back down

Busy day on the incline!

Allllllmost there!!!! Manitou below! This was one of the steepest parts.

Collin was waiting for me at the top

I made it!
Luckily I didn't bring my cell phone with me because at one point I considered calling Collin and telling him that I'd meet him at the bottom. After I made it to the top I really felt good about myself! It was tough! I definitely stopped and took a breather a few times along the way but I made it to the top none the less! The whole time that I was climbing I was thinking how much it was going to suck going back down. At the top, Collin informed me that there was another trail that you take down (and up if you want) and I was SO happy to hear that. It was a 4 mile hike but nothing compared to what we just hiked up.

I forgot to include this video at first. Collin tells me to come on so we can "pass this weird couple!" haha!

After conquering the incline we showered and headed up to Denver for Collin's brother-in-law's birthday cookout. Christian and Colleen also came over and we all had a good alcohol induced crying this time. Check.

Birthday boy and cousin chatting
The "adult" pinta that Ju was allowed to hit but not break!

Adult time! And then it rained airplane liquor bottles...

Cousins and friends! :)

Such a great, active weekend! We hiked Cheeseman Canyon today and at this point I can barely walk but we had so much fun!! That post to come shortly!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!

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