Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi, We're Moving Again!

No mom and Nana...not to Pennsylvania! To, still not in PA! Woo! A whole hour away. But what a difference an hour us anyway. We love Denver and wished that we would have moved there (or Durango) from the start. The Springs has been good to us, no doubt, but it's just not for us. Denver has so much more to do, it's closer to friends, and more easily accessible for visitors (wink wink wink winkkkkkkk!!!!)

Unfortunately, it's going to be a couple weeks after Allison & co. move to Florida. I'm very sad about that but on the up side, we now have someone to visit in Florida! :)

Collin has been searching for a new job for probably a good 8 months. He's had everything from offers he didn't want, to no call-backs, to offers that just didn't work out (ie. Durango bc of my job). He finally found a good one in a good location.

So, we're moving this month! We just found a place and I can't wait! We'll finally have a yard, a basement, and we'll be about a block away from the main street of my favorite little part of Denver, the Highlands. I am super excited!

I also just found out that one of my old college friends and her soon-to-be husband are moving less than four blocks from us and around the same time. So fun!

Here is our new living room...not our furniture obviously.

I'm a little concerned with only having one bathroom, less closet space, and some of the rooms are a little tighter than we have now BUT location location location! We can walk to everything except work really. All of the homes in this area are smaller bungalow style homes but I think it's worth it for the location plus we have a yard now!

I'll keep my job in the Springs for a while until I at least finish out the year and can find a job in Denver.

And how parents will be our first Denver guests! They're coming at the beginning of September!

Very exciting! Now onto the actual moving part, ugh!

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