Thursday, August 16, 2012

Suki's Homemade Bed

You know I'm into sewing. And to Collin's astonishment, it's not as short lived as my other hobbies/obsessions. I actually love it....a lot! I always have at least one project ready to in raw fabric that is so darn pretty laying next to my sewing machine....and always many projects on my mind. My biggest and boldest project right now...this one is still in my mind, but I do have the pretty fabric laying out a really cute patchwork duvet for our king size bed! Don't think country, amish, or anything along those lines...that's not what I'm going for. More of a bohemian, eclectic, bold piece............ BUT that's not what my post is about....


I've been wanting to make Suki a bed but had trouble finding a "pattern" online that I liked. By pattern, I really just mean a tutorial because I have yet to sew anything with a pattern....apparently it's supposed to help you but it just seems like too much trouble!

I finally found one that I really liked and it seemed simple enough as well. It's actually for a little that Suki would probably beat the shit out of...but I could see Suki liking it just as much. Here is the tutorial that I followed: Dog Under My Desk.

Her finished product!

Adorable and super comfy...what more could a leopard kitty ask for!?

I bought cute fleece fabric from Joann's but haven't had time since Lauren's visit and then I worked five 12's with only a day off in between (aka no time off when you work night shift!) Tuesday morning was my last day of my long stretch so when I got home I got right to cutting, pinning, and sewing Suk's bed.

Well, I really whipped this sucker out. I got home around 7:45am, changed, ate, got Suki's moving crate together, and started cutting fleece. By 10am I was finished with the whole thing except the stuffing part....forgot to buy it! I was already unpresentable to the folks of Joann's, Target, or really anywhere outside my apartment, so I went to sleep for a while, woke up and went to run some errands, including stuffing.

How fast was that!?

I stuffed it and put it on the floor for the little princess.

She took one look at it and then looked up at me, eyes only, without moving her head.

Kinda like this...

"What the hell is that? Oh, you want me to lay on"

Yeah...she hates it...the little shit! I guess we're going to have to get a dog to use this thing. Collin curled up on it and said it was pretty comfy. Suki prefers places that aren't meant for I should have figured she wouldn't like it!

Pretty little pretty little sleeping kitty. She won't even sit on it for a picture. She's actually half scared of the friggin' thing. Oh well....bring on that puppy Collin!

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