Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Steps

This past Tuesday I finally took my NCLEX exam (RN boards). I was scheduled to take it on September 26th but obviously with all of the unexpected traveling I had to reschedule. Lucky for me I didn't have to go too far into November even though it was a last minute date change. So, yesterday I found out that I passed! Yeehaw! I was probably going to crawl under the bed and not come out for three+ months if I failed and had to retake it. But, THANKFULLY I passed on the first shot!

I'm one step closer to getting a MUCH needed job. Money going out + nothing coming in = economics 101 fail.
The next step is to receive my RN license number so that I can actually apply for jobs and I should get that within the next week. From what I've been hearing from my Philly friends, it's been near impossible to find a job so fingers crossed that CO is a little better!

Tonight Collin's good friend from CU is coming into town and staying at our place for the night. We're planning to go downtown (for the first time!) so I'm really excited for that!

And tomorrow, well tomorrow might get a little wild again. We're going to another beer fest. Not quite the GREAT American Beer Fest but this one may be worse. It's five hours long compared to the previous four hours. My cousin and his wife (C&C) are coming down from Denver and we're planning to have some apps and then head out!

Excited to see them and let loose a little! Surely an entertaining post to follow! Have a great weekend!!

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