Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Finally Did It!

We finally planned to go downtown Friday night and by god we actually followed through with it!! We were pleasantly surprised too. I'm not really the biggest fan of our area so I didn't have high hopes that downtown would be much better. Luckily, I was wrong. It was definitely hopping with people, had restaurants that weren't chains, and had a pretty, walkable main street. I chose a restaurant which was called Shuga's. The website looked really cute to me, my kind of place: unique cocktails and Ella Fitzgerald-type music.

I loved these origami birds that they had hanging from the ceiling, there were hundreds of them
It ended up being tucked into a residential neighborhood and they didn't have the best dinner menu (mainly sandwiches) so we decided to get an app and drinks and find another place to eat. We decided on Jack McQuinn's, an irish pub that was actually downtown. We parked and got out to walk a couple blocks to the pub. When we got there the wait time for the two of us was an hour and a half! We decided  against the wait time and walked down the street to find something else. The Famous Steakhouse was what we decided on. It had really good reviews and looked pretty classy and they only had a half hour wait so we hung out at the bar until they could seat us.

We ordered a half a dozen raw oysters, Collin got the special (a bone-in ribeye) and I got the 10 oz filet. Our only complaint was the oysters. Ew. We think that since we're not near the coast (?) they cover their butts by nuking them in the microwave for 5 seconds (plus it saves them a little muscle when opening them) but that makes them absolutely disgusting. That was our second bad experience with raw oysters in CO...and our last as far as I'm concerned. Collin knows his oysters and questioned the waiter about them. His reasoning was that they were from British Colombia and that variety have a different color and taste. We weren't buying it and couldn't stomach the last few so he took them away and even off of our bill. The steaks on the other hand were absolutely out of this world!!!
As we were walking back to the truck we passed the irish pub again and I told Collin that I wanted to go in with our to-go boxes and say, "You work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge!" His response, " Ok pretty woman!" Hahah!

The next morning we had a nice breakfast of steak, eggs, and rosemary potatoes! Yum! Double whammy! 

I also headed over to Williams Sonoma to pick up a tart pan for one of my desserts for Thanksgiving. I didn't want to leave. I LOVE that place! 

Another random happening from this week: I won something for the first time...ever I think! For being one of the first 100 people to subscribe to Bobbi Brown's new blog I won a whole makeup palette! It's called Denim and Rose...

I kinda hate the denim/Jenny from the block zipper case but I had no choice, it was free!
4 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 1 blush...I dig it!
Saturday we went back downtown (whoaaa, twice in two days!) to a ski shop. Collin needed new snowboard pants and I wanted to talk to someone more knowledgable than myself about my next pair of skis. We both ended up getting snow pants because they were having a crazy sale and I got some great info on the kind of ski I need to look for when I'm ready to upgrade (aka: when I get a J-O-B!! please God, help me outttttt here man!) My pants are awesome! Bright minty/teal green!! 
They sort of look like this
After that job thing happens for me I need to get a new coat as well. I think plain black would look best with the pants. We're going to Wolfcreek next weekend so I'll get some pics of our new pants least Collin's. I can't decide if I'm going to stick with my old pants or clash my new pants with my orangish-red and white jacket. 

After the ski shop we stopped at the Phantom Canyon Brewery for a few brews...or in my case a bloody mary. 

I really loved this old bar!
The bartender was a hoot! And then...he went ahead and really disappointed me by stating (in so many words) that he was unaware that West Virginia was in fact its own state (the topic came up because I was wearing one of my WVU sweatshirts). There aren't many things that irk me more than that. Unfortunately, he wasn't the first (or probably last) person who should put their foot in their mouth/look at a US map. 
See that there squiggly line runnin' right between them two territories...yup that'd be a separate state bud
Today, we're just lounging around eating and drinking mimosas. We went to the grocery store to get a few more pie items for Thanksgiving. I've added an old-fashioned apple pie to my mix because wittle Collin doesn't like pumpkin or lemon desserts (what's wrong with him?!) We also made some buffalo chicken dip and an orzo salad with salmon, feta, and a lemon/dill vinaigrette. Both delish! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

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