Wednesday, November 9, 2011

License#, check. Rejection, check.

I finally got my RN license number on Monday night!

I immediately applied to about eight jobs in the Springs, Denver, and Pueblo areas, all within a 50 mile radius of our place. And bright and early Tuesday morning I had already received three rejection e-mails! I think I need to prepare myself for major slaps-in-the-face because apparently they don't want new grads...anywhere. I know it's early in the game for me so I just need to relax and TRY to be patient. I applied to three more today. Most likely NOT going to be working right here in the Springs as they are the fastest rejection letter senders alive!

On a positive note: with all of the free time and lack of money I've been dealing with I've gotten myself on a regular gym routine. Today will be the 7th day in a row that I hit the gym. I've actually wanted to go...very weird. Along with that, I've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and I "hid" the loads of halloween candy from myself...guess I should have had Collin do that for me, hmm.
Under the table...good job
I found a fitness website/blog that I really like too. Tone It Up!
It is very motivational plus they have great workouts constantly posted on their site so that I don't get bored (my major issue) and great recipes as well. Bonus: they don't put a ban on alcohol, ching! Not that they go to beer fests or anything but whatever. My kind of girls. Slimmed Down Cocktail Recipes
They're adorable too!

Taking after my mother and grandmother, I'm a Christmas lover. It just makes me happy to think about Christmas coming up. I walk through the electronics section at Target just to hear the Christmas music. Unfortunately, with moving around, I don't really have too many decorations. Aside from my wreath, it actually all fits inside a Nike shoe box, kinda sad. But today, I decided, was the day that I would pull it out and decorate. It took me ooooh about 6 seconds and there is absolutely NO more Christmas spirit than before I took out the shoe box but that's all I got!
Handmade red clay sign by my mom

We have a family tradition of putting a birds nest in the christmas tree for good luck, except we don't have a christmas tree it's on the dining room table.

Christmas wreath...not on the front door just yet.
Anddddd that's about the extent of it. Woo! I have lights and like 5 ornaments left in the box but they'll stay in there until we get a tree...if we get a tree.

I basically just talk about me, me, me on here...not that Collin cares in the LEAST! But here is a little update on his life. He is a busy, busy guy these days but in a good way. He has been promoted to lead dentist at his office and working five days a week instead of his previous four day schedule + a bigger daily case load. He's also looking into lots of continuing education courses for implant dentistry and other things I don't totally understand. Lucky for me, his office is within walking distance and he comes home everyday for lunch!
"Meet your Dentist!" haha, what a cute dentist!

I've been slacking on the video making so I'm going to try to do a better job this weekend while we're in Denver.

Hope your week is going great! :)

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