Monday, November 14, 2011

Denver, Boulder, & CU Game

This weekend we headed north for the Colorado U vs. Arizona U game in Boulder. Friday night we stayed in Denver at Collin's sister's house. We went out to dinner in the hipster area of Denver at a place called The Hornet. Good food and super yummy drinks. Mine was called 'Leo's something or other' made with Leopold Bros gin (a small batch distillery in Denver, CO), St. Germain, simple syrup, and muddled basil. It was delish!

The next day we headed up to Boulder for the game. There were four of us total: Collin, Ali, Ali's friend Jill, and me. We went to a relatively famous restaurant in Boulder called, The Sink, to eat and watch some of the PSU game before the CU game started. It was PACKED to say the least but somehow we managed to get a table, some "freshie" pizza, and a few rounds of drinks. The Sink is known for its low ceilings and walls full of artwork and whatever you want to write on them! Oh, and apparently Robert Redford once worked there as a bus-boy!

Jill and Alli
Waiting for our pizza!
On our way to tailgate Collin and I made a detour to get his coat from his truck and passed his old college house and dorm!

Collin's college house
His freshman dorm!
The CU Boulder campus is absolutely beautiful! All of the buildings are stone with ceramic tile roofs. The newer buildings also have copper gutters and other copper details which I really love. You can't beat the mountain back drop either!

Random campus buildings:

We had tickets for the upper deck but were able to sneak down to the student section. Honestly, no one was really directing anyone so it was pretty easy. I must say it was a pretty weak student section compared to what I've experienced at WVU...but still fun!

Apparently, Collin wasn't in a smiling mood that day... 
CU actually played really well...and won! 

Go Green! 
The stadium is even beautiful
The wind was OUT OF CONTROL!! All day. I had pieces of leaves in my lip gloss, in my jeans, and pretty much every where else. It was crazy!
After the game, we went back to the car to continue tailgating. Alli and Jill had blue cheese stuffed sliders, sausage sandwiches, chips, dip, chex mix, and of course some more beer. Unfortunately, due to the wind we could not get our little charcoal grill to stay lit. We tried our best for about an hour but no-go. We decided to hang out and wait for some of the traffic to die down and then continue to tailgate in Denver!

The next morning, after Alli and I figured out our Thanksgiving menu (it's going to be awesome!!), Collin and I hit up our favorite breakfast spot in Denver, New York Deli News, before going back to the Springs. As always, it was delicious.
At home we napped and then went to the movies for the first time since we moved here. We saw Immortals in 3D, not my first choice but it was better than I expected. After the movie, we went next door and ordered some wings at Nawlins and then went home to crash. It was an exhausting weekend to say the least but always a good time!!

A video as promised. Not too interesting basically a mini tour of the campus!

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