Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family x2 + Denver Beer Co.

Last Monday afternoon I drove up to Silverthorne again but this time to see some of my family! My aunt, uncle, and cousin flew in for the week for some Colorado skiing and since I had off on Monday and Tuesday, I had time to join them for a couple of days! I met them in Silverthorne and we drove up to their condo. After everyone showered up (and we realized only one person could get a hot shower before the water went cold) we headed out to dinner at a place they'd tried the night before with no success. It was called the Red Mountain Grill and it had the coolest decor.

After dinner we went back to their condo, watched a little TV, and crashed. The next morning we were up bright and early and were off to Keystone by 7:45. It was an absolute perfect day, the snow was great and the sky was clear and sunny. So warm, in fact, that we were all starting to sweat after just a couple runs. 

We skiied hard, really hard. By the end of the day we'd skied 20 runs and a total of 32,000 vertical feet. Whew! I was beat!

Ready to take off the ski boots!
My favorite picture! :)
That night, John chose a New Orleans restaurant in Frisco called The Last Cajun. It was fantastic!! A little hole in the wall place (my favorite) with literally three tables plus a "bar" that you could uncomfortably eat at if the tables were full. Luckily, we ended up with a table. The food was soo good! I would definitely go back! Robyn actually did go back for their special hot sauce....which ended up being not so special since the waitress divulged that you can buy it at the local grocery store! Good to know!

The next morning I had to get back for my last few days of work and the three skiers headed to Breckenridge for another day on the mountain. 

That Thursday Collin talked me into calling in "sick" for my last day of work...I felt really guilty but he insisted it was for a good reason, to see my family again before they left! I, of course, gave in and Collin and I headed back up to Summit County Friday afternoon. We met up with the ski bunnies for dinner, this time at Pug Ryans. It was also delicious! The waitress' fiance was from Altoona PA too, small world.

They were flying out the next evening but since we brought the snowmobiles Collin invited them to come out for a ride the next morning. We planned to leave early to get a good few hours in before they had to hit the road for Denver. 

I went out for a little bit and then we went back and Robyn and I switched. I got some good reading and a nice nap in while they ripped around Vail Pass for a couple of hours. 

John got some nice videos with his Flip camera but my computer wouldn't let me download them so that I could put them on here :(

But they all said that they had a blast and I was so happy! 

After we said our goodbyes, Collin and I took the sleds out on our own (yes, I rode by myself!) and went to the next town over, Red Cliff. You can snowmobile all the way into the town and park and eat if you want, which is what we did. It was really fun and I reallllly like riding my own sled...although I'd still rather have a horse!

We stayed at a hotel that night and ate in Frisco again but this time at the 5th Avenue Grill, delicious again.

The next morning we packed up the truck and headed towards Denver to drop the sleds at Collin's friends house. We also got in touch with Collin's sister and met up with her at a relatively new brewery called Denver Beer Co. 

It was soo much fun. They have an awesome patio and great beer. No food but you can bring in anything you want so we got Alli's favorite pizza, Proto's. It is now my new Denver favorite thin crust ever. The day was gorgeous too, it really felt like summer, everyone had tank tops on or had their short sleeves rolled up. It was also doggie heaven, every table had at least one dog...or a baby. Ideal  patio spot for sure!

I drove home, we unpacked, and I got my stuff together for my new job the next day! Very successful week + weekend to say the least!

I was SO SOO happy to see my family and wish I could see them all more often! Trying to convince my cousin to move out here too! HINT HINT!

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