Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patricks Day 2012

For St. Patty's day, we went up to Denver to celebrate and drink with Allison! We got there pretty early and went to one of Allison's friend's house for brunch...which included homemade sticky buns, yummmm!! Everyone else rode their bikes to the parade downtown and we took the bus. It was so packed that we really couldn't even see the parade so we stayed for about 10 minutes and we all decided that it was time for a drink! Oh and after having someone cough in my face (literally) and another step on my foot I was ready to get out of there and have a drink as well. We went to the Irish Snug which was on Colfax downtown.

Me and little Ju ready to celebrate at the Irish Snug!

They had a group of irish step dancers, a live band, some activities for kids, and of course irish food and beer!

The dancers were quite entertaining. I'm not sure what the deal is with the kinky curly wigs but they all had them.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the great weather, eating fish and chips, and drinking Guinness and Smithwicks!

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's day too!!

And Happy Birthday to my Poppee!! <3

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