Sunday, March 4, 2012

Real Deal Job

Back in early January I applied for a new graduate RN program at one of the local hospitals. Right after I applied for that job I was offered my current job and because I was desperate at the time, I took it.
I'd followed up on the hospital job but wasn't given much info so I'd kind of put it out of my mind. But a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from the recruiter at the hospital inviting me to an "interview fair"...didn't sound fun. I was happy to have been making SOME progress with this job so I, of course, accepted and went to the interview "fair." There were 7 other new graduates there (in my group--three groups before mine) and a bunch of nurse managers from the hospital. It was conducted like a speed dating session basically. We had about 30 minutes with two or three managers at a time and then the recruiter would move us to a new group of managers and so on. I showed up with a few computer printed resumes in hand while everyone else came with leather portfolios....strike one. A couple of the managers also told me that the recruiter had received 200+ applications for these new graduate positions (they planned to hire max 15 people out of the 25+ who were selected from 200)...blow #2. After it was over I thanked all of the managers I'd talked with and went on my way. We were all told that we'd hear back in two weeks. Ooookie dokie.

So, there I was for two weeks...
On the Wednesday before the Thursday we were supposed to hear, I received a call from a secretary asking me if I'd like to come for a second interview at the North hospital (the branch RIGHT next to our apt complex). Yes I did. The manager I met with was awesome and she told me I'd hear an answer "soon." I smiled and thanked her but was really thinking...Umm ok? I was already a day past my "2 week notice" date and was feeling a little anxious about that since I thought for sure they'd give those they wanted to hire a chance to quit their job within an acceptable time frame. Guess not...

That Friday as I was literally walking out the door to work, I got a call and was offered the job!!! Of course I was ecstatic and accepted!

So I start next Monday and I cannot wait!!! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!!

So happy! :)

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