Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BOOYA! New Car!

Yes, you all already know. I sold my poor old Jetty and bought myself a little big Jeep. But I'm going to post and rant about it anyway. As you all know...if you know me well...if I get an idea in my mind, watch the F out. Seriously. I can't be stopped. Sometimes that's good, somethings...not good. In this case, it's both? I spent a significant amount of money like (SNAP) that but my beloved Jetta was so in need of retiring that she basically kept me trapped in a 1 mile radius of our apartment if Collin was out of town. Not cool. Something had to be done.


I've been researching cars/trucks/suv's online for quite a while now but every time it seems to get serious I back out...hmmm. This past weekend I found a really nice Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (the 4-door version...duh...for all my children) for sale in the Springs. I was kinda sold from the start.

And if you've heard the Kia story you know I absolutely CANNOT go to a car dealership alone. Long story short: decided to test drive Kia SUV after one of many Jetta malfunctioning-episodes, salesman crunched those #s and brought back a monthly payment I couldn't afford, I told him so, he came back like ooooooh $5 cheaper, and I was like "well, OK", Collin becomes master-girlfriend-protector and saves my ass by not allowing me to 1) buy a car I didn't really want, 2) spend money I wasn't comfortable spending on a car I didn't really want....etc etc etc...get it? Point is...that was a long story long and I really meant to say that Collin always covers my butt and stands up for me when salesmen make me think I'm stealing their cars. Whew.

This time, I stood up for myself quite well I must say, with some help from in helping me to get more than double the initial offer for my trade-in. You'd think I'd be good at bargaining seeing as I'm the spawn of Roslyn the negotiator; no-go on that gene.

Collin was not liking the salesman and wanted to walk out but I was set on this Jeep. We finally talked him into a price I was comfortable with and that was that. My dad's advice: he loved it but thought I should 'sleep on it' but I didn't take it and just bought it. Surprise! I didn't take advice, what do ya know! But I woke up this morning knowing it was the right choice!

I'm super excited about it...almost as excited as Collin.

Yup, top down today. We regretted that decision while sitting in the dead-stopped traffic while literally Crockpotting to death in the 96 degree weather. After sweating profusely and nearly becoming delirious we managed to pull off the road, put the top back on, and turn the AC on...

Amateur mistake.

I also cut off another Jeep driver. I'm sure that's bad Jeep karma. I don't get the "it's a Jeep thing" just yet and I'm sure those people who do can tell that I don't. Whatevs.

But I look darn cute in that honkin' rig of mine, cuter than Collin too.

We are loving it already and it's only been a day! Oh, the adventures we have planned... Can't wait!

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