Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Camping Weekend

This weekend we decided to head out to the mountains for a nice Colorado camping trip. Christian and Colleen (my cousin and cousin-in-law[?]) joined us and Collin's college friend Jake and his girlfriend Mari also came! The location we chose was about a three hour drive from our place but well worth it! Unfortunately, I forgot to charge the extra battery and wasted most of the one I had on our drive there, Collin wasn't happy and neither was I! I did manage to take some awesome photos to make up for it though!
We stopped for groceries, firewood, and breakfast and then we were on our way to meet C&C. Before we left I got a new sleeping bag made for 10 degree weather and after the frigid temps we slept through Collin now wants one. I felt bad but not bad enough to trade.
The first day we got there around noon and set up camp. After the tents were up and the trucks were unloaded we made a lovely sign so that Jake and Mari could find us. Somehow it actually worked and they showed up around 5 pm. We moved a few boulders to get their trailer into our site (Jake made a trailer into a "camper" fully equipped w a bed, toilet, microwave, and flat screen TV/sound system... they were really roughing it). After hotdogs and beer we all went to sleep and woke up the next morning to make a hot breakfast of coffee, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns--all on our mini stove with settings of 1 million degrees or off--it all turned out really yummy though! Jake and Mari went dirt bike riding a few minutes away and the four of us went on an awesome four hour hike! Christian and Colleen left for Denver after the hike while Collin and I stayed another night and then left the next afternoon. It was a great time!

Some pictures before we left...

Suki kitty sleeping in her crows nest bed made by my dad! She (sort of) watched us pack.

Look mom! I've got some limes growing!!

Now onto the camping trip...

The meadow and stream that we stopped at on our way to see the reservoir (which ended up being closed to vehicles). Collin fished instead.

I stole this shot idea from Colleen. So beautiful with the clouds reflecting in the water I couldn't resist.  

Trail head at the start of our hike

Aspen trees on our hike

Hiker #1

And the rest of us

There were three horses and riders at the lake on top of the mountain. Tough hike for them and us!

Whitney Lake--11,000 ft.  The trail we hiked is the only way to access it

View from the trail on the way back

Have a great week!

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  1. 1) I love the song you chose for the video
    2) Your blog makes me want to move somewhere cool so bad!! PA is nice... but lets be honest, it's kind of boring.