Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pikes Peak

The last day that my parents were in town we decided to sight-see instead of continue the unpacking process. We drove up to the top of Pikes Peak which is the highest mountain in CO Springs (about 14,100 ft)! It was absolutely beautiful......and cold! We started at the bottom (the Springs is about 6,000 ft above sea level) at 68 degrees F and at the top it was about 36 degrees F! Yeeee, super cold and we were all in shorts. Bad idea. When we got back down it was in the 80's and clear as always. I think that's my favorite part about Colorado, the blue bird sunny sky all the time. Here I am with Collin in the plain gray zip-up while I represent WVU, woo!

 The beautiful view!

Gaping outtttttttt! If you don't understand that terminology let me explain......a friend of Collin's from CU introduced us to this phrase and quite frankly I love it. A gaper is basically a full blown tourist (his example included a skiing Texan in jeans exclaiming "He just took me down a damn double blaaack diamond, weeeehooooo!"......if you don't say it with an accent it really doesn't mean as much). In this picture we are totally gaping out. We took this right after a couple with O2 tanks had their pic taken. My dad was tempted to ask for a drag of 100% O2 to relieve his light-headedness, thankfully he refrained.

Shorts and sneakers....yeahhhh buddy!

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