Sunday, September 11, 2011

Traveling Circus

So, I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now but with nothing exciting to talk about, I remained a mere blog-reader dreamer. Not that I really have anything toooo exciting going on in my life now but moving constitutes a legit reason to blog/vlog and so this blog is born! The title, well I came up with a long list of creative names that were shot down by Collin and/or my brother, this is the only one Collin said yes to so I kept it. So original!
Along with satisfying my desire to “blog”, our friends and family can watch us discover our new town and get into trouble!
The start of this blog should have been Collin’s first 2 months living/working solo while I stayed in the City of Brotherly Love to finish my degree collection. This isn’t his “thing” so I’ll pick up from where he never started. :)
A bit of background info for those of you who don’t know: Collin and I decided to move somewhere far and away for a while to satisfy our itch for something new. Collin was offered a job in Colorado Springs and being my first-choice place to go, I was more than happy to follow. Now, if my job search can just work out so perfectly I will be a really happy camper.

Even though I thought that I would be able to find time for a long weekend in CO before my actual move, it never happened. So we found ourselves regressing back to the earlier times of our relationship (when I was a college senior at WVU and Collin was just starting at Temple Dental!) doing the long distance thing.

The road trip from Adamstown to Colorado Springs included a giant trailer full of all of our belongings + my car, my parents, and my beloved devil cat, Suki. We left Thursday morning at 8am (should have been 6 but the rain caused some problems) and arrived in the Springs around 8pm Friday night. I made the following video to document our traveling circus! Enjoy!

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