Friday, September 30, 2011

The Cat Lady In Me

Being unemployed and friendless in this town has forced me into serious cat lady mode. AHhhhhh!!! Today Collin came home for lunch and I was still a sleepy-eyed mess in my PJs lounging in front of the tube with Suki bathing herself on my lap. He burst out laughing when he saw me--"Looks like you're having a busy morning hun" haha!! In my defense, he came home for an EARLY lunch..... Anywho....Suki was even bored this afternoon and asked me to film her so with nothing else to do I obliged her (that was a serious cat-lady-statement....gahhh!)

I'll have you all know that I am getting out of the house this weekend (high five!!) Of course the reason is alcohol...strike. Collin and I are joining his sister and brother-in-law in Denver this weekend for The Great American Beer Festival. Holy moley I'm not ready to have a power 4 hour but Allison gave me a few veteran tips so that I survive my first GABF! Yeehaw!
That will be a post soon to follow...probably limiting video content seeing that my mom was not too happy about my tailgating video...oops.
It's another great sunny day here! Hope you are all having a great day too!!

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