Thursday, October 13, 2011

Books, Peppers, Apartment Pics, and Sake

It looks like the next two weeks or so are going to be rather uneventful. I FINALLY got my permission letter to take my boards so I'll be studying away for a couple weeks until the big day arrives.

Recap of this week:
There is a thrift store nearby that Collin and I visited for some pots and pans for our camping trip. After spotting an intern from his office we promptly checked out which left me with 3/4 of the store to browse another day. I decided to head back there this week and see what I could find. I ended up with a pile of vintage books and two old glass milk jugs for only $20! I love thrift stores!!

Some of the books sitting on our coffee table

There was also a set of antique ski poles and a few other things that I wanted but that we definitely don't need in our apartment right now. Collin was happy to hear that I had enough self-control to leave them alone!

I got another fabulous recipe from a blog and it was once again NOT disappointing. I'm not a huge stuffed pepper fan. The concept always appealed to me but all of the stuffed peppers that I've had were pretty bland. This recipe substituted the rice (boo!) for orzo pasta (yumm!!). It also incorporated turkey sausage (I had chorizo sausage and substituted that instead), onions, and garlic...all top my favorite ingredients list. Collin and I both thought that they were awesome...and easy too! Here is a link to the blog (it is a friend of a friend's blog who is actually a chef):   Orzo Stuffed Peppers
She didn't mention how many peppers you would need but I bought five and could have filled at least two more. But the filling is so good that I didn't mind saving it and eating it for lunch or a side to another meal. For some reason green peppers are also my least favorite pepper so lucky for me the red, yellow, and orange variety were on sale so that is what I used.

My yummy peppers! 

Some random pictures that Collin snapped this week:

Suki enjoying the bear

Old crazy eyes enjoying a glass of Cab with Suk

Apartment picture time! Still quite a few bare walls and things out of sort but oh well!! Here we go...

Front door/entrance
Laundry behind the double doors and coat closet to the left


Our bakers rack turned bar with my Nana's old milk glass lamp that was given to me before I left for CO! (working on hiding the cord!)

Also, the pretty handkerchiefs are from Nana!

All white bedding + fish painting by me and my mom

Bargain queen: I got the main Ralph Lauren bed spread from TJ's for $20, the extra large Cynthia Rowley Pillows at TJ's for $20, I bought the other two bed covers at the bottom of the bed at a yard sale that my grandmother's friend was having for only $8! (which also included another blanket we use for camping, the middle sham, and those two blankets--which were never used and amazing quality to boot!) I'm not done pillow shopping for the bed but just like the rest of our apartment, it has to wait!
Crackled side tables by me and my mom

Girls Bathroom

Boys Bathroom

Guest Bedroom/junk room/litter box room...If we actually had some guests I would gladly remove the litter...Come on people, get out here!

Last night we went to our (so far) favorite sushi restaurant. The food is outstanding and so is the staff. The chef's seemed to remember us from last time and even remembered what we after we were finished eating, the head chef brought this cute little orange bear over to us. How nice!

Collin ordered some sake while I was in the restroom. For those of you who may be wondering, I didn't break any mirrors this time.

Now back to studying/lounging. Smile!

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