Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Great American Beer Festival 2011

As I mentioned in the last post, Collin and I went up to Denver this past weekend to partake in the Great American Beer Festival. It lived up to all expectations and more. We had an absolute blast!! We got to Denver Friday night after Collin finished work and ate some of the best pizza I've ever had. Collin's sister had a groupon for this place called Gennaro's and it seemed like a good deal so we decided to check it out. First impression: looked like a semi-trashy lounge-style local joint where we were ultimately not welcome. But we went in and the staff was super nice plus they served some good beer, Deschutes which is an Oregon based brewery and yummy. The pizza is worth describing. It was a traditional crust with a slightly crispy bottom, great cheese and toppings but the real kicker was the actual crust (which I rarely eat)--it was smothered in a buttery garlicky sauce unlike any I've ever had before---holy delicious!! Definitely recommend it if you're ever in Denver!
After indulging ourselves we tried to get a good nights sleep to prepare for the next days activities. Saturday morning Allison and I rode bikes to the grocery store for our pretzel necklace supplies. We made a pretty no-frills necklace but spiced it up a bit with individual packs of beef jerky (which came in handy at the fest!)

Alli modeling our creation

Before leaving the house. About 2 hours into the GABF Collin's necklace was bare.

We headed to the fest on the light rail which took us directly to the convention center. We got there at about 11am and the line was already long and growing so we found a spot and waited until noon when the doors were to open. 

Allison and I waiting for the light rail

No sunglasses---definitely would have lost or broken them

Awkward squinting/smiling

The long line waiting to get in. This is nothing, it wrapped all the way around the convention center.

Where's Waldo?!?! To the back of the line, that's where.

Some costumes inside...

This lady served beer by pouring it into a cup between her breasteses (inside joke of sorts), yikes

Brother and sister--When we got there we got these tasting glasses made of real glass (the night sessions get plastic glasses because apparently they get even more rowdy than us!) so we were told to hold on to them with a death grip and we did...until it was all over, Collin somehow smashed his inside of his couzy.
Our first tattoos of the night...we each ended up with three!

The story behind this picture below...I wanted to get a picture with the Rifle Brewing Company to show my dad. So Alli took my picture and all of a sudden people started asking if they could get their picture. I, of course, said sure and started to stand up until they were like "No, with you".....Alli and I gave each other a strange look but went with it. I took about 3 or 4 pictures until my agent pulled me away (Allison got this one while they were snapping away. This guy wanted to be in all of the pictures they were taking!) Not sure what that was all about but it was quite you can tell by my face!!

Allison and I after dancing for our sweat bands!

And the outfit I ended up in... I love my swag!!
(Looks like I'm being a little careless with the grip I've got on that glass)

Probably how I was seeing as we left the fest...

Outside of the convention center on our way to eat some huge delicious burgers and fries--don't have to ask me twice!! I survived!

On our cab ride back to Allison and Acey's, Collin found these fab sunglasses and gave me this killer face...

We woke up Sunday feeling tired but free from head or stomach aches...that's a good day in my book! Allison and Acey were packing for Mexico as we headed out...jealous!! Have fun!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!! :)

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