Monday, October 10, 2011

Uneventful Weekend + A Bear

This weekend we were (once again) not in the Springs. We really have yet to do much in our own new town. Every weekend we've been away so I'm trying to make an effort to keep us here so that we can explore a little! Friday night we went up to Denver for the weekend so that we could doggie-sit Collin's sisters pups. They were away for the week in the awful, horrible place known as Cabo San Lucas . We, along with their regular dog-watcher, were in charge of making sure the dogs were alright throughout the week and weekend.

The Boys
From top to bottom: Tini, Kona, and Monty

While in Denver we met up with our friends Jake and Mari at a snowmobile expo. I was fine with it until Collin mentioned that he wanted to buy one. No way Jose. We live in an apartment on the fourth floor, the perfect place for a snowmobile! Also, I definitely didn't fit in and Collin barely did, although he was wearing the standard uniform of a plaid shirt and boots so he was better off than I was. I was wearing converse sneakers, a puffy vest, and a flowery scarf...not tough enough for those snowmobilers (who, I realized, are basically bikers in the snow). To top the whole experience off, it was pouring down rain all afternoon and part of the expo was outside. It never rains here. It was a sign. To go.

Other than that, all we did was stuff our faces. Not unusual. We left the expo and headed to a bar/restaurant called Three Dogs Tavern. They had good beer, awesome spicy waffle fries, and smoked hot wings. Definitely turned my frown upside down. Did I mention I've gained two pounds since I got here?! Two pounds shmew pounds, after filling our tums we went back to his sisters and left again shortly there after to get some ice cream. Oy vey!

Some good news: Wolfcreek ski resort in southern Colorado got 4ft of snow this past weekend!! And Denver and the Springs even got a little dusting!

Wolfcreek! Known for their large snowfall...not disappointing!

The view from our apartment. A snow capped Pikes Peak.

A snow dusting in Denver

Another note. Today, while lounging in my oversized sweatpants, someone knocked at the door. It was the UPS man with a huge 3'x2' package. I signed, took it inside, and opened it. It was a bear. Yup, a real dead bear. A bear rug and skull to be exact. Collin's hunt from before we started dating was finally finished at the taxidermist and found its way to our living room. I actually like it...well, the rug anyway! Certainly not everyones style but I think it looks pretty cool under our coffee table and the skull is sitting on top of an antique handkerchief on top of my old linen & leather chests. And another plus, Suki isn't scared in the least bit and has totally left it alone. If she doesn't continue this way she might be the next rug Collin makes!!

I'm getting used to the skull I guess. It's not completely foreign to me growing up in the house that I did! Still creepy-ish though...but it could also fit into the antique/rustic/romantic eclectic style that I love.

I'm not sure if I'll leave it like this as I'm still in the process of decorating but it will do for now. What do you guys think!?

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