Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Walking Dead

Collin and I just started watching the show The Walking Dead on AMC. Super violent but a really good show if you like a little zombie suspense in your life. Season 2 just started this week so we watched the first episode and then decided we needed to catch up on the first season too. So, we downloaded and watched all but one episode yesterday before bed.
Here's the season 2 trailer:

I'm hoping we have a halloween party to go to later this month because I think it would be an awesome makeup-fest trying to turn myself and Collin into walking dead!

The only thing I did this week besides cook and study (and drink a few beers) is go to the eye doctor. My eyes have been getting noticeably worse with all of the reading and staring at the computer that I've been doing. I noticed it during school but kept pushing it off. Ends up that my suspicions were true and I need a new Rx. Instead of spending a hefty $500+ on new glasses I found this website with crazy discounts on frames and Rx lenses. I ordered a pair using the Rx my Dr gave me and I'm not-so-patiently waiting for them. They have a 100% refund policy and I know a few people who have used the site so I thought that I had nothing to lose really. They should be here Friday so I will update when I get them!

As I mentioned last time, my next couple of weeks would be rather uneventful. That meant my blog would suck for that time period too. Sorry! Presently, I am at the club house at our complex to get some undistracted study time in...obviously it's not working right now.

We did make some amazing chili (Collin's yummy recipe--we made it with Colorado prong-horn antelope!) and italian sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions this week but not blog-worthy at this time.

Hope your week is better than mine!! :)

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