Friday, October 28, 2011

In Loving Memory of Brennan

This past week has been rough to say the very least. I haven't posted because we were unexpectedly back in PA after receiving some terrible news. Collin received a phone call Friday night from his mom saying that his younger brother had been found dead at his apartment in Philly. Brennan was born with a serious heart defect and recently had open heart surgery to replace a valve. Although they are not yet certain, it is believed that his heart condition contributed to his unexpected death. Collin was obviously devastated. We packed some clothes and left immediately for Denver to meet his sister and fly back to PA. Now, after spending a week in Williamsport, I'm back in Colorado and Collin will be back on Sunday. It was difficult to see Collin and his family in such pain but the 400+ people who attended the services show how much Brennan was loved and will be missed.

Brennan's Obituary

The next four pictures are of Collin with Brennan when they were little

The five kids at Christmas in their matching PJs. Collin is cracking up about something 

Brennan and Liz

The Linn kids at Ryan and Jen's engagement party

Thank you to those who have already heard the news and sent their thoughts and prayers to Collin and his family. It is greatly appreciated. 


  1. Still thinking of you both and the whole family. Pictures are great, thanks for sharing! Glad to have you back.

  2. i wish i could have made it up to PA. the whole family is like a second set of siblings, and it broke my heart to hear about Brennan. sometimes it's incredibly hard to be so far from home. know your all in my thoughts and prayers. xo

  3. Francesca--I know that they all appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much (as do I) and think of you as another daughter. You're right, times like this make it so much harder to live states away. <3