Monday, September 17, 2012


I'm going to preface this post and the next 3-4 by saying that we've been busy literally everyday for almost 4 weeks. Sooo, I was too busy to blog but now I'm REALLY going to catch up...

Go back a few weekends...Denver Phish show...go!

Now, I wouldn't say we're Phish Phans....not even by a long shot. But some of our friends were coming to Denver just for the show and since they are soon moving to Georgia, it was basically like a going away party as well. We decided we had to go.

[Phish, by the way, for those of you who don't know, is a psychedelic rock band who formed in the 80's in Burlington, Vermont. Very popular, though not necessarily a mainstream band.]

On our way up we stopped to pick up some beer. Wookie sightings galore! Wookie = someone usually with long dreads, organic clothing, usually no shoes, and almost always super get the picture...but incase you don't, here are a few examples...

Wookie with his knee-length dreads tied into a turban

Wookie in line for the porta-potty...a very unusual sighting
Pre-show...haha, ooh Collin

Sungazing before the show, ha!

What a blast! We had soo much fun!!

It ended up being a group of our friends plus a bunch of people that Collin went to CU Boulder with. We got a cab to the show from our hotel and jammed all night. I was definitely into it and to my surprise Collin was too. It was an awesome show and so nice to see our friends before their big move.


Yes, i have glow sticks in my hair...

super nose-bleed seats but we didn't care! so much fun!

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