Friday, October 26, 2012

Coconut Oil Revisited

I'm a believer all over again.

I strayed away from coconut oil over the past couple of months which is no surprise because even if I find a product that I love/works I'm still compelled to try others. So that is what I did. A few months ago I found a new night cream that was cheap and I liked it. Over the past week I started breaking out for some reason, my skin texture was not as smooth as it usually is, and I couldn't figure out the cause.
I dug out my jar of coconut oil the other night and used it as my night cream.

I kid you not. I woke up with my normal smooth skin and my blemishes were either totally healed or well on their way. I repeat...I'm NOT KIDDING! I've used it every night since and have not had any additional issues with my skin. Guess I shouldn't stray away!

If you have yet to try this so! Remember, raw|organic|virgin|unrefined. And it's great for cooking too!

Have a happy day!

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