Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Year Ago

Two days and one year ago we received the news that Collin's brother Brennan was dead. As many can relate, it does not feel like it was even close to a whole year ago.

Family and friends in Collin's hometown celebrated Brennan's life by getting together and eating Brennan's favorite food, sushi. Since I worked on Sunday and didn't get home until about 830pm, we decided to celebrate Brennan yesterday, on our own, in Denver. Collin is a very private person and rarely talks about how he is feeling especially when it concerns his brother. I knew that he knew his family was having sushi in remembrance of Brennan so I suggested we go for sushi on Monday while we were both home. We didn't talk about Brennan or how Collin was feeling that day but we did have a simple saki toast to Brennan.

Honestly, I still have a hard time believing that he is actually gone. With moving across the country just months before, it feels normal not to see him. I can tell myself that I won't ever see him again but I can't 100% comprehend it.

He is missed, loved, and remembered by so many. It's just hard to believe.

In loving memory, a whole year later, of Brennan.

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