Monday, October 8, 2012

Geneva NY Wedding | Home Visit

This past weekend, Collin and I flew home for a minute (literally it seemed) and then drove north to up-state New York, Geneva to be exact, for a wedding. One of his dental school buddies got married and it was a great time for us to catch up with some friends from the 'dental school years.' I thought I had this blog thing down but actually I do not....and did not get even ONE picture from the entire weekend. My storytelling will have to do for this one.

We flew in Thursday, my parents picked us up at the airport/let us borrow the truck, we had a drink in Harrisburg, and then drove up to Williamsport. That night we had the famous Tags italian food...which ended up making all of the ladies sick (to the point that I left the bar early that night...yes, that sick) so I don't know how much famous-cred I can give them. My apologies! Collin's mom had to leave the next morning for Florida....bummer for us, win for we spent some time with her until she left for the airport and we headed up to New York.

New York is actually WAY closer to PA than I thought, it only took us two hours to get to the Finger Lakes! We stayed in a cottage with Christian & Colleen, Mike & Lauren, and two guys from the grooms dental residency. It was a dreary kind of weekend but still beautiful and fun. The leaves were changing colors already and it was so nice to see the East coast fall...all we get out here is yellow...beautiful yellow for sure, but just yellow.

It was a full weekend of wedding eventfulness but we only stayed for the wedding ceremony and reception on Friday. The wedding was held at Bellhurst Castle which is gorgeous and right on Lake Seneca. We all had a great time!
Saturday morning we said our goodbyes and headed back to Williamsport for some more family visiting. We hung out with Collin's brother, sister-in-law, and sister and of course saw the babies!

On Sunday morning we drove back to Adamstown, down time this visit with my family. We had our fill of hoagies, pizza, and cheesesteaks; that is for sure. I got to see my parents, brother, nana, and aunts and uncles all before having to leave for the airport that evening!

Our flight was to leave at 8pm. At 930, they announced that the flight was delayed, therefore everyone who had connecting flights in DC would miss their flight. Sweeeeeet. We were stuck. Luckily, they changed our flight to early the next morning, paid for a nice hotel room at the Sheridan, and paid for our dinner that night as well. I was actually happy to have a nice nights sleep instead of flying through the night.

We made it back to Denver this afternoon after two uneventful flights. Although, we're always sad to leave PA it is nice to be home with Suki and sleep in our own bed. :)

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