Sunday, October 14, 2012

Copperplate Calligraphy

I'm fascinated by script and beautiful writing. My regular handwriting is not the best. I'm sort of a sloppy writer actually, so I kind of figured that would translate into any fancy schmancy writing I attempted. Well, I was right! HA! Kinda. In a way that I like, though. And anyway, I'm just learning! Practice makes perfect ya hear!

I bought a step-by-step book a few months ago but without supplies to I am. The other week I finally ordered what I needed (not too many things actually), received them and finally started reading and practicing.

Those little thangs are "nibs"...never knew
There you have it. My very first attempt. Raw and sloppy. On the first half of the page I was testing out the pen/ink/nib to get a feel and then started practicing real letters.

Of course, I am lazy and have not taken the time to draw out the guidelines you are supposed to use to practice but I'll get around to it. In the mean time, I plan to practice my way and hopefully find my own style...a mix between the classic and the uniquely modern.

I was expecting to feel frustrated while practicing but in reality it is very soothing and almost relaxing. You can hear the metal nib dragging across the paper and watch the black ink slowly spill out onto the plain white surface and it clears my mind for a little while.

I shall continue! And keep you posted on my progress...if progress happens! :)

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