Monday, October 29, 2012

Peplum Cowboy Shirt read that right...the peplum cowboy shirt is my latest sewing adventure. While in Pennsylvania earlier this year, my mom, brother and I went thrifting (one of my favorite pastimes). I found some great stuff including two XL mens button up shirts; one a purple plaid pearl buttoned cowboy shirt and the other an indian motif button up. I pictured sundresses made out of the shirts but haven't actually tackled the task.

The other day I saw a blog post where a girl took a men's shirt and turned it into a fitted shirt with a peplum bottom. Stinkin' cute! I decided that the purple plaid pearl buttoned cowboy shirt that I had tucked away would be perfect for this re-creation.

 Some 'before' pictures...

It ended up being much more difficult than it seemed. Cutting the sleeves off, resizing them to my size, and reattaching at my length....whoa....not easy. I actually messed up pretty bad but you really can't tell on the outside of the finished product. And the only reason I kept going to make the sleeves work (after messing up royally more than once) is because without them it was looking more along the lines of a snug jean vest....and that's rarely a good look.

See what I mean.....? is the finished piece:

I ended up wearing it out to eat that night! I'm pretty happy with my first "real shirt" redo...$2 men's shirt turned custom women's shirt! Hopefully more to come! :)

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