Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Collin Makes Me Pee My Pants...

Today is Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Suki dressed as a leopard and Collin and I didn't dress up. Instead, we went out for happy hour and dinner! We did, of course, leave candy for the kiddos on the porch!

We then proceeded to get margaritas at our local mexican joint and then went over to Highlands Tap & Burger for wings and mac & cheese...we planned to get a burger to share too but the apps were just too rich to eat any more.

After dinner was actually my favorite part of the night.

Collin makes me laugh most of the time...even when he doesn't try...which is the reason he's so funny.

Here is my first video in a LONG time...VERY poor quality video but hopefully you find him as funny as I do. Basically, Collin is trying to move a fallen log that our neighbor placed in front of both of our garage doors. Wrong move bud. But highly entertaining for me... and you I hope...

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