Monday, January 14, 2013

Grand Lake Weekend

Collin's birthday was on Friday and for his birthday weekend we headed up to Grand Lake CO...with little Morgan too! He was a really good boy on the 2 hour car ride, not a peep the whole way!

We were there last year to snowmobile as well and had an awesome time. You can snowmobile in the streets and our cabin is connected to the trails...well last year that was the case, for some reason that connecting trail wasn't open yet (even though they had tons of snow?) This year ended up being a little colder -17 colder. So cold that it was almost unbearable to take Morgan out to potty. I was not going to go out in that weather for any longer than I had to so Collin and his friend Jake went snowmobiling both days while Morgan and I stayed in by the fire and played, crocheted, read, and braved the cold for the shortest amount of time possible! It was actually a nice relaxing couple of days.

For Collin's birthday we went to a steakhouse (basically the only real restaurant in town!). The guys got the all-you-can-eat crab legs special...bad choice... they were too frustrated with how little meat they were getting to keep eating and were still hungry by the time we left. ha! We went bowling after dinner which was fun...those guys sure keep me laughing. At one point, Collin wasn't paying attention and rolled the ball into the machine that sweeps the pins away. I was laughing so hard already and then the ball rolled almost all the way back up the lane and he had to walk down the side to get it. He was embarrassed but I was in hysterics.

I like all the junk they left out for us...

The next day was about the same but the boys came back early because their fingers were so frozen that they hurt. We went to dinner at the same place (again, only place in town!) to watch the Broncos game...real bummer that game was! The next morning Jake's truck wouldn't start! So, we had to stick around for about 3 extra hours so that he could work on it. It finally started and as he was letting it warm up, a mama moose and her TWO babies came by...really close!

The owner of the cabins was trying to scare them away and the momma did NOT like that...she almost charged Collin's truck! I ran back to the porch and the guys jumped into Jake's truck. The guy got the hint and stopped being an idiot. The moose family eventually walked away.

Morgan was once again great on the car ride home, he even slept through us stopping to grab a bite to eat.

When we got home the house was freeeeeezing cold!! The thermostat wasn't working so we changed the batteries (it was 40 degrees!) and it started right up...who was the genius that invented a heater that stops if two little AAA batteries die??!!? Stupid! After that we put a load of laundry in the washer...normal, until I heard a gush of water and looked through the window into the laundry room only to see soapy water gushing out of the back of the washing machine! We both ran out and scooped up all of Morgan's stuff and tried to stop it without much luck. We looked like a bunch of clowns trying to stop the water, get all of the stuff out of the room, keep Suki and Morgan apart, and soak up the water all at the same time! haha!! Oh boy. I finally got Suki in the bedroom, Morgan in his crate, and the water stopped coming out but the floor was already flooded with soapy water and it started going down the basement stairs too. We used towels and mops to soak up the water and then turned some fans on. After some jugs of warm water the frozen pipe that caused all of this finally thawed and we were able to finish our load of laundry. Pain in the buns!

Of course, my bad luck continued into today. I got a parking ticked while running Collin's check into the bank for 5 seconds (the jerk on a segway actually handed it to me as I was walking towards my car...I said some choice words as I was climbing into my jeep and he said sorry, haha!), went to the grocery store, came home and was locked out of the house because I forgot to reattach my house key, THEN after Collin came home and let me in we realized that the gas on the stove was running (we opened the windows and got the terrors some fresh air too). Hoping that's the end of this BS for a little while!!

And here's hoping for some warmer weather too...I'm over highs of 15 degrees!!!!

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