Sunday, January 6, 2013

Morgan's New Bed

Of course, I know that anything you don't want your 80 lb dog to do you shouldn't let your 8 week old do. But how can you not cuddle the crap out of this little bundle????

Yes yes he's on the couch.

In defense, he was just taken from his momma and siblings and was scared so we were doing anything to make him happy. But now that work for both of us is looming, we are having to teach him how to stay on the floor, be in his crate, and just be alone and content for a little while.

Monday will be the first day that we are both at work. Luckily, I only work three days a week but for those days that Collin and I both work I'm really worried about leaving him. Collin can come home for lunch and we're having a friend of ours stop by mid-morning and after lunch for a potty break but he is still a baby and cries when we leave him alone so I'm sort of nervous! (Although, as I type this he is soundly sleeping on his new bed in the laundry room by himself....hope that lasts!)

Here is the new bed Collin picked up...a little big but not for long I'm sure! It's big enough for me to lay on with him and super cozy fabric.

He likes to prop his head up when he sleeps so this bed is perfect!

All the animals sound asleep (minus Suki)....I didn't even arrange this picture I swear!
First vet visit went well too! I thought the vaccines might knock him out for a few hours...maybe 15 minutes is all I got. He was ready to play a few minutes after we got home. 12.7 pound baby right now!

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