Sunday, January 27, 2013

Morg's First Hike

Morgan is getting so big so fast!!

So big in fact that we had to switch out his little crate for his new big crate. And by big I mean friggin' gigantic. It was the largest crate they had but with a projected weight of 90 pounds and after seeing his parents we're gonna need it. Morgan was scared of it at first so I had to help him out.

And that is with the divider in the crate too! We moved it so it was even smaller after I got out. He likes it now!

One of my favorite pics

Today Collin, Ben, Adam (two of our friends), and I went to Cheesman Canyon. They went to fish and I went to hike with Morgie since it was such a beautiful day. He had to get some lunch in before we started...

We all ended up hiking because the fishing just wasn't in they couldn't catch anything! Morgan did so well for his first hike! He was a happy little camper!

While the guys tried to fish Morgan bounced around like a crazy man finding sticks and everything else he could get his mouth on.

And then on the walk home I spotted this foot print. I THINK it may be a mountain lion but we're not too sure...could be a huge dog.

Little Morg was great! I love having a walking/running/hiking partner (besides Collin!)...he's so much fun!

Here's a quick video of the fur babes doing their thing...pretty boring really but just a few clips I took on my phone...

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