Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Week

Collin and I wrapped up our birthday week today! Since our birthdays fall so closely together, we usually celebrate them together by doing one big thing, whatever that may be. This year was unfortunately a little different because of my new work schedule. We booked a house (the same house that we went to last month) in Wolfcreek just after New Years and planned to go down this past weekend with a few of our friends plus Collin's good friend from home. Well, just my luck, the day before we were supposed to leave, I received a call to see if I could start the following day. Because it's been hell trying to find ANY job, I wasn't going to push it and agreed to start whenever they wanted me to.
So, I missed the whole trip and was pretty bummed about it, especially because I didn't get to celebrate Collin's birthday with him.

Today, I had a nice relaxing day off to lounge around, cook (orzo stuffed peppers for lunch and spinach/scallion/mushroom/feta quiche for tomorrow!), and Collin gave me THE best card ever...I literally teared up. What a guy!

Of course all of my candles still fit on a cupcake...

Tomorrow, it's back to work (which I'm liking so far!) but until then I'll be enjoying the rest of my day with Collin.
We're going to get sushi tonight! Plus, some sake or champagne...or both...what the heck, I don't work until two tomorrow!!

I also have to show off my amazing shoes. I'm wearing them tonight regardless of the temperature (it, of course, ended up snowing a bit while we were in the restaurant, oh well!)

I'm in love!

In a couple weeks I have off for a three-day weekend so we're trying to plan a mini-trip to make up for my absence this past weekend. 

Time for bed! Thank you SO much to everyone who wished me a happy really means a lot and reminds me that I am loved and blessed with such great family and friends!

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