Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Job + History Lesson + #*^@%!!

Last Tuesday morning I took a deep breath, got over my frustrations, and started looking for and applying to jobs again after my holiday hiatus. After 40+ applications and either rejections or silent treatments over the past 3-4 months, I was defeated to say the least. What is a duel-bachelors girl to do after getting proverbially 'slapped in the face' over and over?! Well, I had no other choice but to keep looking. So I did.

I had the whole boring story typed out but realized that that's not really important.

So, long story short....I'm an employed women!!

The facility that hired me is very similar to the post-acute/rehab that my grandpa was admitted to shortly after his stroke. They're also in the process of building a huge, brand new facility that looks beautiful.

The history of the place, though, is quite interesting.  It was opened in 1911 as a tuberculosis sanatorium with much financial help from the youngest daughter of the founder of the town of Colorado Springs, Marjorie Palmer Watt (ironically, at the age of 44 she died from tuberculosis).
At the turn of the twentieth century, tuberculosis, aka consumption and "the white plague," was a leading cause of death in America. Before the age of antibiotics, the only way to control its spread was to isolate infected patients in hospitals specifically dedicated to fighting TB. One major form of treatment was "phototherapy"--exposing patients to direct sunlight and plenty of fresh air for extended periods of time.
Hence, the facility had a "sun" related name which actually stuck (for the most part) and is incorporated into the current name.

TB hospital with patients getting lots of sunlight

After a cure for TB was found, the facility transitioned into a post-acute, long-term care, and rehab and has obviously been growing ever since. I can't wait to work in a huge, brand new facility in a few months too!

Well, I was scheduled to start my new job on Wednesday (tomorrow) and after a huge headache I actually will start my job Wednesday (tomorrow) a rental car.
Yup. Good old fender bender on the way to buy sheets for our new bed. Which I didn't even make it to by the way. And, let me add that 'fender bender' may be an understatement. 
I was driving on a pretty busy highway when a couple of full garbage bags flew out of a car a few cars in front of me. Of course everyone slammed on their breaks and I did the same while trying to swerve out of the way but I didn't have enough time and swiped the girl's bumper in front of me. We finally got over and from the looks of her car I wasn't too worried about mine. Wrong! 
My headlight is bashed in, fender is barely hanging on, wheel well is about a half inch from the tire, and (the best part) I can't get in or out of my driver side door. But we're both OK, one bonus.

Friggin' lovely! After the cops came and I was able to drive the few miles home, I shed a few self-pity tears to Collin (I was already sad that I can't make the ski trip this weekend for his birthday!) 

I filed the insurance claim and got a rental car for the next week or so and I'll figure out the repair part later. Holy moly! What a headache. 

Wish me luck!!

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