Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor Hotel is one of the famous landmarks in Colorado Springs. A super luxurious 5-star hotel, the Broadmoor is a place that we've been talking about visiting since we got here.

They have nine different restaurants and last Friday night we made reservations to have dinner at Summit, their newest joint. They advertise as a swanky wine bar so we thought we would check it out.

When we first got there, the building that housed Summit (across the street from the actual hotel) was ghostly, to say the least. A pet peeve of mine (it's not really a pet peeve but I don't know what else to call it) is eating/drinking at an empty restaurant or bar, so I wasn't too excited to begin with. We arrived a little early so we sat at the (empty) bar and had a drink. I had a lavender infused gin martini (delish) and Collin tried one of their yummy beers. Very good!
The glass enclosed cylinder in the middle is their wine cellar and it rotates, pretty neat.

Summit was named 'One of America's 10 Best Hotel Restaurants' by Frommr's, so it had to be good, right? If we could have predicted how our dinner was going to taste, we would have stopped at the bar. The drinks were the best part.

We want so badly to have some good oysters at a restaurant out here but once again (actually, for the third time at least) we were disappointed. Gross. Word of advice to whoever will take it: do NOT microwave oysters to get them to open, even for a couple seconds, EW!

For our entrees, Collin had beef tenderloin with carrots and fingerling potatoes and I had the halibut with a port reduction and leeks. It would have been an acceptable meal if it were served at some generic chain restaurant for half of the price. The portions were mini, even for my liking, and my halibut was dry and flavorless. Collin's "tenderloin" was smaller than a deck of cards and really not too tastey. When you go to a nice place with relatively pricey meals you expect to at least say "mmmm, this is good" if not be wowed by the food and service. At Summit, we didn't enjoy either. Definitely not going back.

Collin was a tired toddler after dinner so we headed back and immediately crashed.

We have some fun plans for this weekend. Here's hoping that they don't fall through!! I need some fun!

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