Monday, January 9, 2012

Party + Game

On Saturday night, we went downtown for Collin's office holiday party. Better late then never, I guess. It was so so, nothing to write home I won't. After dinner some of us went over to another restaurant/bar called the Thirsty Parrot. That was much more fun!

At dinner

Our hygienist friend Angela and her friend Cody, we were instant pals


That night when we got home, Collin found some cheap tickets for the Steelers/Broncos game the next day and we decided on a whim that we should go.

The next morning as we were getting ready, I checked Facebook and saw that my friend from high school (who lives out here, but even after multiple attempts we have yet to get together) was also going to the game. I gave her a call and we planned to meet up for some tailgating before the game. Well, I'm glad we did because we had such a fun time! Their tailgate was huge...and all Steeler fans! Apparently, a big group of people get together at the Dublin House (a sports bar & grill in the Springs) for Steelers games...invite only...and we're getting the invite! They took a charter bus up to Denver and had loads of food, booze, and yinzer talk to go around. I felt like I was back at W&J! It was so nice to see a familiar face!

They left hundreds of balloons loose before the game

Awesome jet fly-by during the national anthem 
Rascal Flats sang the National Anthem! (those 3 little guys in the middle)

The game was pretty fun except for the end...

Unfortunately, the Steelers lost...and it wasn't very pleasant walking out of that stadium with all of the cheering Broncos fans.
We were exhausted and went right to bed when we got home.

All in all, a good weekend! Hope yours was as well!

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