Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crested Butte New Year

On Wednesday night, after Collin finished working, we headed west to Crested Butte!

The same gang of Collin's family from Christmas had already been there since Tuesday morning so we were anxious to join them.

How adorable is that town!?

It is about a three hour drive from the Springs so we got into town at about 8pm and were pretty tired. Allison cooked everyone a delicious chicken and pasta dinner and after a glass of wine we were all down for the count.

The next morning Collin, his dad, and I went skiing/boarding while some of the others either took lessons or went on a hike. There was a serious lack of snow but since it's early in the ski season we couldn't be TOO disappointed.

We did have to get a little creative, though because after the first day of skiing, Collin and I had had enough of the half-brown slopes. The next day, Allison and I decided to try out cross country skiing. She thought that I would pick it up more quickly than she would seeing that I ski and she boards. Not so easy we both realized. Much, much different then regular old down hill skiing.

We had some pain-inducing laughs as we tried not to look too much like newbies. That didn't work... considering I ended up with my jacket tied around my waist (like a real dork) and Allison managed to incorporate a turtle spin on her back into a fall at the bottom of a small hill...which was a close call for me nearly peeing myself. We made it about 5-6 miles in two hours and felt great! It was an AMAZING workout, something I'd definitely like to try again. We also got to see some amazing views that you can't see unless you ski or snowshoe back into the woods.

No, I'm not wearing a dress...just my jacket tied around my waist pulling my pants down

Perfect view

Collin and Acey went fishing and each caught a whooping ONE fish each that day!

Collin's brown trout from the Taylor River

After everyone was home and ready to go, we went into town and had a cocktail at Montanya (a rum distillery) before going across the street to West End where we got lucky without a reservation and ended up sitting in the wine cellar room! Everything was delicious too!

Montanya's Rum Distillery

On Saturday, morning Collin and I went out early to get some coffee and tea at Camp 4 Coffee, a building completely covered in old license plates.

Later, we decided to take a drive to some of the neighboring mining towns and look around. Well, go figure...there was no snow on the mountain but too much snow on the pass roads to even get through. So that plan was shot down pretty quickly. We decided instead to walk into downtown Crested Butte (which was only about a 5 minute walk from our house) and get some lunch at our favorite mexican place in CB, Teocalli Tamale. So yummy!

After lunch, Alli and Ruth had reservations for a massage/facial at the local spa. Collin and I walked around town, went to a few stores, and stopped in at the local bookstore. Collin got a new book and I was in the middle of a really good one so we went home, read, and eventually napped before new years eve dinner.

Even though I knew that pretty much everyone else in the town would be wearing their usual knit hat, corduroys, and boots, I still wanted to dress up a bit so I wore a lacy/sparkly/beaded shirt! I was happy to see that some CB folks actually did snazz it up a little so I didn't feel too out of place. We'd made reservations a month in advance for a restaurant called Maxwells.

The food was fantastic! I had crab cakes and scallops and everyone else had filet. We started getting a little goofy after dinner and decided to call it a night after we started sucking helium balloons.

Who knows!?

Teaching him my ways with the balloon

We managed one normal picture...

Only the "significant others" actually made it to midnight of 2012. Collin and Alli lasted until about 10:30p but their dad didn't even get that far.

Definitely a great trip! We cleaned up and headed out before 10am on new years day. It was a beautiful drive home through the mountains.

As my mother instructed, we made pork and sauerkraut for dinner when we got home and we're hoping it brings us lots and lots of luck...especially in the job department!

Collin also received his new loupes in the mail today...woo hoo!

Hellooooo stud muffin, haha!

Once again, I missed my family! Today is my brother's birthday too!! A new years baby! Miss him, wish we could celebrate together!!!
Happy Birthday G!!!

I hope everyones new year brings joy and prosperity (and a trip to CO please!!)

Happy 2012!!

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